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Companies Update
2 October 2009
Update no 05/09

Important information for ASX Listed Entities

Daylight Saving: Company Announcements Office (CAO) Hours

Daylight saving commences in NSW, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia at 2 a.m. EST on Sunday 4 October 2009, and will end on Sunday 4 April 2010.

Daylight saving is not adopted in Queensland or WA. (WA adopted daylight saving on a trial basis in the previous three years, but this is not to continue).

Because WA will be three hours behind Sydney time during the period of daylight saving in the Eastern States (except Queensland), CAO will stay open until 8.30 pm Sydney time (5.30 pm WST), starting on Monday 5 October 2009.

CAO will revert to its usual 7.30 pm Sydney time closing time when daylight saving has ended. A Companies Update reminding listed entities of the change will be released closer to that time.

Hyperlinks In Announcements: CAO Practice

Some announcements lodged on the Company Announcements Platform (CAP) by listed entities include active hyperlinks to websites. Not all such announcements are suitable for release over CAP, and CAO has declined to release some announcements which have included hyperlinks. CAO wishes to clarify to listed entities its current practices and procedures on this subject.

  1. If there is an active link to information that has previously been released to the market by the entity itself, ASX will not object to the active hyperlink.
  2. If there is an active link to an entity's home page of its website or to an email contact of a person at the entity, ASX will not object to the active hyperlink.
  3. ASX will not release an announcement with an active link in an announcement to an interview or a boardroom audio broadcast, unless the announcement has a copy of a transcript of the interview or broadcast attached.
  4. ASX will not release an announcement with an active link to another entity's announcement or another entity's website.
  5. If there is a link to a video of a presentation, the PowerPoint presentation must be attached.

ASX reviews it procedures on an ongoing basis.

CAO - Other Matters

A new telephone number, 1800 021 965, has been set up for contact within Australia with CAO. Direct line numbers for Company Announcements Officers remain in place for use by overseas callers.

To assist in accurate and speedy processing by CAO, we seek the co-operation of exploration entities when lodging progress reports. The names of any additional ASX-listed entities having an interest in the area/well being reported should be included, not only in the free text of the announcement but also prominently displayed separately at the top of the relevant section of the announcement. Since these additional entities are recorded during processing, it is important that they can be promptly identified to assist in providing a fully informed market.

To help keep our Listed Entities informed of information and events ASX will be sending emails to the Company Secretary's Office from time to time. You are receiving this email because you have been identified as a key contact within the Company Secretary's Office at your organisation. If you would like to update your email address please do so via the Directors/Senior Management page on ASX Online for Companies. Feel free to forward this email to any relevant parties within your organisation.