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Listed Entities Update 23 March 2012 Update no 02/12
Important information for ASX Listed Entities

1. Revised version of Guidance Note 9 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices

ASX has released a revised version of ASX Listing Rules Guidance Note 9 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices. This replaces the previous Guidance Notes 9 and 9A. The revised Guidance Note has greater guidance on ASX’s expectations regarding the corporate governance disclosures to be made by listed entities under Listing Rule 4.10.3 and its monitoring and enforcement processes under that rule. It also has guidance on the requirements in Listing Rules 12.7 and 12.8 for certain larger listed entities to have audit committees and remuneration committees.

2. ASX Settlement - Adjustments to fees

ASX Settlement is making a number of adjustments to its existing fee structure.  These changes were announced on 6 March and will come into effect on 2 April.  Details can be found by viewing the ASX Settlement Bulletin.   

3. ASX Market Announcements (formerly named Company Announcements Office)

3.1 ASX Online announcement headers
ASX Market Announcements would like to take the opportunity to remind ASX Online users of the importance of the announcement header field when submitting announcements. We emphasise that use of the dropdown menu is optional and provides just a selection of common headings which may be edited, but which may not be suitable for all announcements.  
The announcement header field can be populated with words of your own choosing up to a total of 60 characters in length. The announcement header is intended to convey as meaningful a message as possible for dissemination to the market.   It is preferable to avoid generic headers such as 'Market Announcement', 'Press Release', or 'Progress Report', which do not convey specific details of the content of the announcement.
If in doubt, we recommend that the announcement header field match the heading in your document as closely as possible.  

ASX Market Announcements appreciates listed entities' co-operation in assisting in this exercise for the benefit of all interested parties.

3.2 ASX Market Announcements closes one hour earlier from end of Daylight Saving Time

During Daylight Saving, ASX Market Announcements remains open for an extra hour, until 8:30pm Sydney time, so that its closing time aligns with 5.30pm Perth time.

Daylight Saving ends in all the States where it is observed this year at 3:00am AEDT on Sunday 1 April 2012.  

From Monday 2 April 2012, ASX Market Announcements will open at 8:30 am Sydney time and close at 7:30pm Sydney time.

4. Listed entities with Perth home branch - email address for Trading Halt requests

Requests for trading halts under Listing Rule 17.1 have to be made to a Listings Adviser at a listed entity’s home branch.  A request for a trading halt may be made over the telephone, but it must be confirmed in writing.  The request is usually emailed to the email address of the relevant Listings Adviser, but it may be sent by fax.

To assist listed entities which have Perth as their home branch submit the written request for a Trading Halt, particularly before the open of the market, the ASX Perth office has established a designated trading halt email address to be used to provide a request for trading halt.  This email address can only be used by ASX listed entities which have Perth as their home branch.  The process for requesting a trading halt via the designated email address is set out below:

1. Telephone ASX Perth (08 9224 0000) to notify that a request for a halt is to be made.

2. Email the request to tradinghaltsperth@asx.com.au. The request must contain the information required under listing rule 17.1.

Further information about trading halts and the procedure for requesting them is contained in ASX Listing Rules Guidance Note 16 Trading Halts and Voluntary Suspensions.

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