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Listed Entities Update 5 July 2012 Update no 06/12
Important information for ASX Listed Entities

1. Announcements of dividends and other corporate actions

ASX requests listed entities' co-operation to assist ASX in classifying and processing announcements about dividends and other corporate actions.  ASX relies on the information included in announcements to identify when a listed entity is undertaking a corporate action. Where a corporate action is not the subject of a stand-alone announcement, but is included in the text of a longer announcement, it would assist ASX if the corporate action was included prominently on the first page of that announcement.  

2. Release of consultation paper on modernising the standard timetables for rights issues

On 3 July 2012,  ASX Limited released a consultation paper "Modernising the timetable for rights issues:  Facilitating efficient and timely rights issues" on proposals to shorten the existing timetables for renounceable and non-renounceable rights issues.  

To promote preliminary discussion amongst interested stakeholders, the consultation paper also identifies some possibilities for more far reaching changes that might lead to an additional, significantly shorter, standard timetable for rights issues.

ASX is interested to hear the views of listed entities on the proposals, and encourages listed entities to consider the consultation paper and give their comments. Submissions are requested by 14 August 2012. 

3. Next non-Business Day 

ASX remind listed entities that the next non-Business Day is Monday 6 August 2012, a bank holiday in NSW.  Please take this into account if you are planning the timetable for a corporate action that will run over a period including that date.

4. Corporate Governance Reporting for year ended 30 June 2012 

ASX reminds listed entities that reporting on corporate governance in annual reports under Listing Rule 4.10.3 must be made with reference to the current edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations.  The current edition is the 2nd edition of the Principles and Recommendations with 2010 Amendments. This edition of the Principles and Recommendations includes requirements for listed entities to report on their diversity policy and objectives. 

Listed entities may also find it useful to consult Guidance Note 9 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices. This Guidance Note was re-issued on 10 February 2012 and contains up to date information to assist listed entities with their corporate governance reporting. 

5. Release of updated Guidance Note 20 ASX Online 

On 12 June 2012, ASX released a revised version of Guidance Note 20 ASX Online.  

The Guidance Note is issued to assist listed entities understand and use the ASX Online facility. It has been re-written to include, amongst other things, changes reflecting the coming into effect of upgrades to the ASX Online Companies service on 16 June 2012. The Guidance Note includes as an annexure the Agreement for use of the electronic lodgement facility and entity details facility, which incorporates the current ASX policy requirements for use of these facilities. 

6. ASX Online Companies 

ASX would like to bring to listed entities' attention some changes to the ASX Online Companies service (AOL Companies) arising from the upgrade to the service that came into effect on 16 June 2012. These have an impact on how listed entities access the AOL Companies portal, control their designated AOL Companies users’ access to the portal, and receive communications from ASX about announcements.

 AOL Companies user access is now role based

Access by a listed entity’s staff to AOL Companies is now defined by the user role assigned to each user.   The categories of role are:

  • 'user administration' role, which allows the user to update the listed entity's details, and control the access that other ASX Online Companies users at the listed entity have;
  • 'updating company details' role, which allow the user to update the listed entity’s details; and
  • 'announcement lodgement' role, which allows the user to lodge announcements for release to the market.  

If AOL users find that some functionality is no longer available to them, they need to check with their respective nominated AOL Companies user administrator to check the roles that have been assigned to them.

AOL Companies security

AOL users must use their personal password to log on to AOL Companies. To proceed with announcement e-lodgement, the user is required to re-enter their password. The former Company PIN is no longer used or valid.  
Reminders of outstanding periodic reports

ASX Market Announcements (formerly known as the Company Announcements Office) used to send reminder letters by fax to listed entities a few days before the deadline for periodic reports due under chapters 4 and 5 of the Listing Rules. These reminders will now be sent by email rather than by fax. The first reminder letter to be distributed by email will be the quarterly reminder letters for June quarterly reports, the deadline for lodgement of which is 31 July 2012. 

AOL Companies users who require reminder letters must opt in to receive reminder emails.  This is done by:

  • logging on to AOL Companies
  • going to the AOL Companies menu item User Details > Update My Details
  • ticking the “Receive Announcement Reminder” check box.
  • clicking “Save”

 Update My Details


Deactivation of AOL Companies users’ accounts

It is a responsibility of each listed entity to control access to the AOL Companies portal. When a user changes role, or leaves an organisation, the person(s) at the listed entity who have the AOL Companies user administrator role should update the relevant user’s role or de-activate the user.

To perform user updates, an administrator needs to:

  • Login to AOL Companies
  • Choose the "Administration/Search users" link in the menu on the left hand side
  • Type known user details (e.g. last name) in the search form presented and hit "User lookup" button
  • Click on a user to bring up the user profile
  • To update user roles, a user administrator needs to:
    • Update roles as required in "Roles assignment" section, type in administrator’s own password in "Re-enter your Password" section (bottom of the screen), and click "Save"
  • To de-activate a user, a user administrator needs to:
    • Un-tick "Current Employee" field, type in administrator’s own password in "Re-enter your Password" section (bottom of the screen), and click "Save" 

Updating your profile


If you have any questions please contact the ASX Online helpdesk on: +61 2 1800 028 302 or ASX.Online@asx.com.au




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