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Listed Entities Update
19 June 2014
Update no 05/14
1. ASX Corporate Governance Roadshow slides
The presentation slides for the ASX Corporate Governance Roadshow and the slides for a presentation by ASX Chief Compliance Officer Kevin Lewis on transitioning to the third edition of the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations are now available at A webinar will be available towards the end of June 2014. ASX will advise listed entities via the Listed Entities Update when the webinar is available.
2. Use of Twitter During Market Wide Operational or Technical Incidents
An ASX Notice has been released informing customers that in the event of an incident occurring that impacts the production environment for any of ASX's key systems, or is significant enough that all of the market and its users should be aware, ASX will send a message (tweet) via Twitter.

The tweet will include a link to the system status page on where additional information, previous communications and a status of the incident can be viewed.

To receive ASX tweets please follow @ASX. Follow ASX on Twitter.
3. ASX Online E-lodgements to ASX Market Announcements
ASX Online E-Lodgement Users who are responsible for lodging announcements on behalf of multiple listed entities are requested to be careful to ensure they are lodging under the correct ASX code. Recently there has been an increase in lodgements under incorrect ASX codes. Users should check in the "Preview e-Lodge Announcement" screen that they have the correct announcement header text and ASX Code, and view the PDF in the "Preview File" screen prior to submitting an announcement.

Please note if a user is logged on as "Entity A" they should not submit an announcement on behalf of "Entity B" without first logging out of their "Entity A" ASX Online account and then logging in using their "Entity B" ASX Online account. For easy reference, the bottom of the ASX Online screen indicates which entity you are logged on as.
4. Listing Fees for Simple Corporate Bonds
In mid-2014, the Corporations Amendment (Simple Corporate Bonds and Other Measures) Bill 2014, is expected to be passed by the Parliament of Australia. The legislation introduces a new, simplified, two-part prospectus disclosure regime for issuers of simple corporate bonds. To encourage issuers to list and quote these instruments on ASX, listing fees for simple corporate bonds have been significantly reduced. See Guidance Note 15A for more details.
5. Periodic report due date reminder
Listed entities are reminded of upcoming deadlines for periodic reports.
Quarterly Reports for Mining and Commitments Test Entities: Thursday 31 July 2014
6. Dividend and distribution information
Listed entities declaring a dividend or distribution for the period ending 30 June 2014 who wish to set a record date of 30 June 2014 for the dividend or distribution are reminded that they need to announce the dividend or distribution by no later than 23 June 2014 (Day 0). Listed entities should include the following information in such announcements (see Appendix 6A paragraph 1).
Conduit foreign income
Where an entity announces a dividend or distribution that is fully or partially unfranked, ASX requests that the announcement make clear the conduit foreign income (CFI) component of that dividend or distribution, even if the CFI component is nil.
Dividend/distribution reinvestment plans (DRP)
Where an entity has a DRP in place, ASX requests that the entity make it clear in the announcement whether the DRP will operate or will be suspended for that particular dividend or distribution. If the DRP will operate, the following information should also be given:
the last date for electing to participate in the DRP;
the discount rate, if applicable;
the ranking of the securities to be issued pursuant to the DRP; and
the pricing methodology and pricing period for determining the issue price under the DRP.

If at the time when the dividend or distribution is announced it has not been decided by the entity whether the DRP will operate, or the above details are not known, the entity should give an indication of when the entity expects to confirm details of the DRP's operation.
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