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mFund Update - August 2017
1. Issuer fees
ASX is changing the timing of invoices issued for fees relating to the admission of AQUA Product Issuers ('mFund Product Issuer') and AQUA Products ('mFund Product') admitted for settlement through the Managed Fund Settlement Service ('mFund'). Previously, ASX applied the following fees once the mFund Product had been admitted to mFund:
  • 04900415: New Issuer ($14,500 + GST)
  • 04900416: New Fund ($5000 + GST)
From 1 October 2017, ASX will apply these fees once an application has been received for the approval as an mFund Product Issuer and/or for an mFund Product. These changes align the application of fees for products admitted to the Official List under the Listing Rules.
The invoices for the fees will be issued prior to ASX providing the admission decision for the approval as an mFund Product Issuer and/or for mFund Product to be admitted to mFund.
The details of the fees impacted are available here.
The full fee schedule for mFund can be found here.

2. PDS lodgement for mFund
mFund Product Issuers are reminded to promptly provide ASX with any amended, supplementary or replacement disclosure documents ('PDS') prepared for the product admitted to mFund in accordance with ASX Operating Rule Schedule 10A.6.5.
In lodging the PDS on ASX Market Announcements Platform (MAP) via ASX Online, mFund Product Issuers must ensure lodgement is completed one business day prior to the date of the PDS. This will ensure the PDS link flows through to the brokers in time.
When lodging the PDS and accompanying documents, please also ensure the correct announcement types are selected. For example:
  • The PDS should use the 'mFund - Product Disclosure Statement' type
  • PDS date: date of PDS
  • The Additional information booklet, Reference Guide or Incorporated Material should use the 'mFund - Additional Information Booklet' type. Issuers are able to manually change the Announcement Header to reflect the exact name of the document.
Failure to notify ASX and lodge the PDS in accordance with the timeframe above may lead to a potential breach of S10A.4.5(a) which states the following:
An AQUA Product Issuer that issues Managed Fund Products which are settled through the Managed Fund Settlement Service must:
  1. not issue Managed Fund Products to a client without confirmation through the Managed Fund Settlement Service through messages received by the participant of the Approved Settlement Facility responsible for settling the transaction (Settlement Participant) that the current version of the relevant disclosure documents (identified by date) have been given to the client. However, this does not apply if the AQUA Product Issuer is not required to comply with section 1016A of the Corporations Act in relation to the issue of those Managed Fund Products;
Where an mFund Product Issuer becomes aware of their late lodgement of an updated PDS, ASX encourages all mFund Product Issuers to contact ASX immediately to determine whether any action is needed to be taken in relation to the late lodgement.

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