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mFund Update - March 2018
1. mFund roundtable in February 2018
Further to mFund update - January 2018, ASX held successful roundtables in Sydney and Melbourne to discuss the data and trends of the mFund service, CHESS 10 and other potential enhancements and marketing opportunities. ASX thanks all mFund partners and stakeholders who attended and encourages feedback by email at on all topics covered. We have now made available a copy of the presentation.
Importantly, CHESS 10 which aims to delivery efficiency enhancements for the mFund user community that aligns with current regulatory requirements (including CRS data collection) is on track for implementation in September 2018. The mFund community should familiarise themselves with the CHESS 10 Project Website . ASX encourages Issuers and Fund Managers discuss this initiative with their PISP and registry and provide any feedback by email at

2. Monthly Redemption Report
mFund Issuers are reminded of the requirement under ASX Operating Rule Schedule 10A.4.2(b)
10A.4.2 Disclosure requirements for Managed Fund Products
An AQUA Product Issuer that issues Managed Fund Products must disclose:
(b) information about redemptions from the Managed Fund;
For the purpose of Rule 10A.4.2(b), the disclosure requirement is that:
(a) For all Managed Funds, the amount and value of units or shares redeemed for each Managed Fund be reported to ASX and on the AQUA Product Issuer's website on a monthly basis. Reports must be made the week after the end of month.
(b) In addition for Managed Fund Products to be settled through the Managed Fund Settlement Service, any instance where the AQUA Product Issuer has restricted redemptions from the Managed Fund on the basis that the Managed Fund is not liquid (as defined in section 601KA of the Corporations Act) be reported to ASX. Reports must be made before the restriction takes effect, or if that is not practicable, as soon as possible thereafter.
As part of an mFund Issuer's compliance with the above requirement, ASX generally expects the minimum disclosure to be the amount and value of units redeemed on the mFund service for each Managed Fund. ASX encourages Issuers to provide details of redemptions of the entire Fund as it provides investors with a better view of the Fund's activities in comparison to the activities only on the mFund service.

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