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mFund Update - July 2019
1. Product Disclosure Statement Updates
Issuers are reminded of the requirement under ASX Operating Rule Schedule 10A.6.5 to lodge any updated PDS for an AQUA product (e.g. mFund product) on a timely basis.
10A.6.5 Amended, supplementary and replacement disclosure documents
Where an AQUA Product Issuer has given to ASX a disclosure document in respect of an AQUA Product under Rule 10A.3.3(f), the AQUA Product Issuer must promptly give to ASX any amended, supplementary or replacement disclosure document which it prepares and proposes to issue in respect of those AQUA Products.
As part of an Issuer’s compliance with the above requirement, ASX generally expects the Issuer to provide a copy of the updated PDS for ASX review and lodgement prior to the effective date of the PDS. Issuers are encouraged to email at least 5 business days prior to the effective date outlining the updates and/or provide a marked-up version of the updated PDS. Following assessment by the Investment Products Compliance team, the Issuer should then lodge the PDS on the Market Announcements Platform via ASX Online the day before the PDS effective date.
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