This edition we share a combination of stock and sector forecasts along with some investor psychology articles.
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Investor Update - July 2017
Investor Update
The new financial year gives us a chance to refresh our mindset and portfolio. This month we are pleased to share a piece by Kate Thorley from Wilson Asset Management on the importance of corporate culture and how it translates into shareholder returns. 

Three forecast pieces look at the banks, resources, plus mid-cap stocks. Check the bottom of the newsletter for an interesting article on whether following the trades of company directors is a potential strategy. 

icon-heading ASX investment videos
Stocks to watch
Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital, 13:51 mins
Jeremy takes us through three picks in his annual review of companies he thinks present value on ASX.
Jeremy Hook
icon-heading Market views
Kate Thorley Why ‘culturally sound’ companies outperform
Kate Thorley, Wilson Asset Management - Read more >
About: The importance of corporate culture when choosing stocks.
Featuring: Shares                 
John Abernethy What next for bank stocks?
John Abernethy, Clime Asset Management - Read more >
About: Lower dividends likely as banks respond to more challenging environment.
Featuring: Shares
Alan Hull Are resource stocks good value?
Alan Hull, author - Read more >
About: What share-price charts tell us about Rio, BHP, Fortescue and Woodside.
Featuring: RIO, BHP, FMG, WPL
Marcus Padley Ten Commandments that point to a better path to wealth
Marcus Padley, MarcusToday - Read more >
About: Beginners, thou shalt not covet the investment clichés.
Featuring: Shares
Stuart Jackson
How to identify rising stars
Stuart Jackson, Montgomery Investment Management - Read more >
About: Watch the trends and understand industry value chains.
Featuring: Shares
Chris Tate
Does being responsible pay off?
Chris Tate, author - Read more >
About: Exceptional traders take responsibility for their profits – and losses.
Featuring: SRF, Trading mindset
icon-heading Upcoming IPOs
Upcoming Floats
Upcoming listings - your guide to upcoming floats
An update on companies that have applied for official admission to ASX, and links to information on upcoming and new listings.
Read more >
Managed Fund Report
ASX Investment products monthly update
Report provides recent admissions, performance matrix, trading activity, plus LIC NTA report.
Read more >
icon-heading New investors
Angus Geddes
How investors use Self-Managed Accounts
Angus Geddes, Fat Prophets
Read more >
Michael Kemp
Can you make money following director share trades?
Michael Kemp, Barefoot Blueprint
Read more >

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> Bond market - reports and key information
> Hybrid market - latest report, recent listings and information
> Warrant market - latest report
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