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ASX updates - August to November 2006

ASX is a regular participant in industry conferences, such as the recent Resource industry, Listed Managed Investment and investor conferences outlined below. 

The World Junior Mining Conference – Sydney, 12-13 September 2006
ASX participated in panel sessions with mining industry experts and investment banks and brokers on the topic of IPOs and capital raising.

Excellence in Mining & Exploration Conference - 8-10 October 2006
ASX sponsored the Excellence in Mining and Exploration Conference which profiled the Australasian Mining & Exploration Industry to the investment industry. The conference brought together mining companies, brokers, investment banks, retail and institutional investors.

ASX/Ernst & Young and Westpac Business Banking IPO Seminar – ACT, 18 October 2006
In July 2006, ASX, Ernst & Young and Westpac Business Banking conducted five IPO seminars around the country. This was extended to cover the ACT in October. Attendees heard from ASX, Ernst & Young and Westpac as well as a special guest speaker Bill Mobbs from ITL who recently listed his company. Bill discussed his pre & post IPO experiences.

UK Fund Manager Resources presentation – Sydney, 19 October 2006
ASX hosted an investor seminar given by Mr Evy Hambro, a UK based  fund manager whose funds have a total of US$20billion FUM. The presentation to the broking and financial planning industry included issues affecting the mining industry, trends and future directions.

ASX & WHK Greenwoods IPO / IP + Risk Mgmt Seminar – Sydney, 24 October 2006
ASX & WHK Greenwoods held a seminar for SME organisations including biotech companies that covered the IPO market as well as intellectual property matters & valuation methodologies and risk management.

Midmarket CEO Symposiums – Brisbane, 25-26 October
This symposium was dedicated to the fast growing sector of the economy – the Mid Market. The Symposiums are a series of regional events designed to streamline CEO knowledge sharing and networking whilst meeting and listening to a two day line up of the very best local, national and international speakers. ASX presented the “Funding for Growth” panel discussion session which discussed the various sources of capital available to growth companies, including the equity capital market, and focused on the different implications of each for mid market companies.

ASX Investor Awareness & Education

Traders & Investors Expo - From May to October 2006 - National
ASX recently held a series of free presentations in Melbourne at Australia’s only exhibition and educational forum dedicated to private/professional traders, active investors, DIY super trustees and their suppliers. The 2007 program can be viewed on

Investment Expo - From March 2006 to October 2006 in various locations
ASX delivered free presentations in Brisbane & Melbourne recently on investment options at Australia’s largest investment show, where investors can talk face to face with the experts and become a better educated with the investment arena. Visit Investment Expo for more information on the 2007 program.

Property Investment Research Conference – Sunshine Coast, 8-10 October
ASX presented a seminar on listing property funds at this leading annual event targeted to the property industry, listed entities, fund managers and financial advisors. Key issues that were discussed included the listed versus unlisted debate, global indices, and financial adviser requirements as well as regulatory issues. Visit for more information.

LPT Panel Discussions –National from 17 October to 31 October 2006
ASX went on the road with senior executives from some of Australia's leading Listed Property Trusts (LPTs) in October 2006. These presentations to retail and LPT investors discussed how LPTs work, LPT investment alternatives available through ASX, LPT case studies as well as sector developments of the past & future directions. LPTs who participated included Centro Properties, The GPT Group, James Fielding, Macquarie Property Trusts and Multiplex.