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New national course for professionals responsible for compliance with the ASX Listing Rules

Tribeca Learning and Corporate Compliance Partners (CCP) have launched Australia’s first professional education course focused specifically on the ASX Listing Rules.

Developed in consultation with the ASX, “The Corporate Governance of ASX Listed Entities” course addresses the practical management of ASX compliance and the regulatory obligations of listed companies.  The course is relevant to the needs of company secretaries, directors, senior executives and legal professionals as well as company officers and administrators seeking to transition to the ASX listed environment.

The course has been developed in response to demand for more practical education regarding the application of ASX Listing Rules.

The course was launched on Thursday 8th February by Dr Don Stammer, former Deutsche Bank Australia director 1 and Ms Luise Elsing, General Manager, Issuers, ASX Markets Supervision.

Comprising five modules, the course addresses:

  • Listing a company;
  • Continuous and periodic disclosure;
  • Securities management;
  • Meetings of members and mining and exploration activities;
  • Transactions with persons of influence and significant transactions; and
  • Corporate governance and reporting.

Each module is delivered by distance education and a one-day intensive workshop. This flexible delivery format enables completion of the course with minimum impact on professional commitments.  Course advisers are recognised leaders in their field.

Prerequisites include an undergraduate degree and at least two years corporate work experience or four years relevant work experience in an appropriate role.

For complete course dates and details, visit the course website.

About Tribeca
Tribeca is a leading provider of education and professional development to the Australian financial services sector, including real estate. Visit their website.

About Corporate Compliance Partners (CCP)
Corporate Compliance Partners (CCP) is a group of professional company secretaries servicing ASX Listed Entities. They serve as the proactive manager of its clients’ entire secretarial and administrative responsibilities, specialising in publicly listed entity compliance.  Visit their website.

1 - Dr Stammer is currently Chairman of Praemium Limited and an independent director of ING Private Equity Access Limited (both listed on ASX).

Dr Stammer previously served as Chairman of three ASX-listed property trusts: ING Industrial Fund, ING Office Fund and ING Real Estate Entertainment Fund; was Chairman of ASX-listed Mosaic Oil from 2001 through to 2006 and Chairman of Novera Energy (previously listed on ASX) to 2005.

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