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New Certificate in Governance Practice and Administration

Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) recently launched a new course, the Certificate in Governance Practice and Administration.

The Certificate course is an open-entry, vocational-style qualification, suitable for a wide range of people with different levels of governance responsibilities. Complementing CSA’s well-established and fully accredited postgraduate qualification, the Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance, CSA can now provide governance education and training on a whole-of-organisation basis.

The course will provide invaluable knowledge and skills plus an industry qualification, for anyone in a role providing support to a governance professional responsible for the accountability mechanisms of an organisation. This can be in a public (listed or unlisted) or proprietary company, or a not-for-profit, government or other organisation. In addition, it will provide a CSA-accredited qualification for directors, officers and other senior managers who require a broad understanding of the scope of their governance responsibilities and the skills to discharge them.

This six-program course offers substantial flexibility in the choice of training programs as students can largely tailor the course to suit their own learning needs related to their individual workplace role. With 19 modules on offer, ranging from basic governance skills to specialised practice areas, students can be assured that they will find a range of relevant topics to fill any gaps in their governance knowledge and skills. CSA also offers assistance with program selection by recommending programs relevant to individual roles and organisations.

The materials for the Certificate course are developed by expert governance practitioners, giving them a highly practical focus with an emphasis upon conveying knowledge that students can immediately apply in the workplace.

The course has been designed to accommodate the schedules of busy people. Each program can be studied by attending a half-day face-to-face tutorial at convenient city locations and is  presented by governance professionals with established expertise. Students also have the option of online study in their own time without being constrained by attending a class scheduled during work hours. Online students receive an electronic copy of the study materials and can access a web cast recording of the latest tutorial presentation through CSA’s learning centre, which is available for multiple viewings.

There is an online exam for each program. All course assessment is by multiple-choice online exam, rather than formal written exam, with questions drawn from a question bank.  Exams are marked automatically online, with students advised immediately on completion whether or not they have passed. They are given further attempts if they fail.

Many of the programs in the Certificate course have been offered individually for some time by CSA by face-to-face attendance, without assessment. Students who have previously studied these programs singly will now be able to complete the online exams for the programs they have studied in the past for a small fee. Passing the exams will result in these programs being counted as modules toward the Certificate course without the need to fully re-enrol.

To request a hard copy of the Certificate course handbook, or for more information visit their website.  

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