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Recent ASX activities - December 2007 to March 2008

ASX is a regular facilitator and participant in industry conferences, listed company seminars, symposiums and investor conferences. A list of recent ASX activities is below. 

Record month for listings on ASX
December 2007 was a record month for companies listing on ASX with 58 new listings including debt listings.

ASX and Baker & McKenzie IPO/Rights Issues Seminars – Dec 2007, Sydney & Melbourne
ASX teamed up with Baker & McKenzie to deliver a series of presentations on topical issues – Rights issues, corporate governance and an IPO requirements overview to 3rd parties such as fund managers, brokers, accounting firms, listed companies as well as private companies who are considering listing.

ASX Institutional Investor Education Series – September 12th 2007, London UK
ASX went to London to present on the Australian Cash Equity market and its structure to UK based fund managers. A successful evening business networking event was also held to build global strategic alliances. 

Support for the Resources Sector

ASX continues to support the resources sector through its presence & sponsorship of investor  events such as the Investor Series Days 2007. These half day conferences focus on particular commodities such as gold, nickel, copper and iron ore and provide companies representing these commodities groups  to showcase themselves to an audience or institutional & retail investors. See the Upcoming Events section for the 2008 Investor Series events.

ASX Investor Awareness & Education

ASX & UBS SFI Roadshow – Nov 2007, National
ASX in conjunction with UBS AG Australia Branch conducted a national roadshow outlining the unique benefits of UBS Self Funding Instalments (SFIs) and the opportunities they present for investors as a result of recent changes to tax and superannuation legislation.

ASX and ABN AMRO MINIS National Roadshow – November 2007, National
This roadshow was conducted to raise awareness of MINIs as a quoted tradable product and to educate investors of the features, benefits and risks of MINIs.

Build your wealth Listed Property – Oct - Nov 2007, National
ASX in conjunction with The Property Council of Australia (PCA) invite conducted a ‘Build Your Wealth With Listed Property’ Roadshow for advisers and planners held during October and November 2007 to learn more about the current challenges facing this sector. The roadshow provided advisors and financial planners the opportunity to hear presentations from leading REITS.

Australian Hedge Fund Forum – October 2007, Sydney
The 5th annual Australian Hedge Fund Forum 2007 was held in Sydney and included the leading hedge fund managers, as well as retail and institutional investors and other high-profile industry players. ASX was a supporter as well as a panel session participant on maximising returns, hedge funds & regulatory issues.

Visit the ASX events page for more information on upcoming ASX events.