Listed Entities Update 11/15 - Important ASX listing rule information
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Compliance Update
23 October 2015
Update no 11/15
1. ASX Listing Rule 7.1A Consultation Paper
On 12 October 2015, ASX released its review of the operation of listing rule 7.1A. The review includes discussion of changes that ASX is proposing to make to listing rule 7.1A and related rules, as well as changes that have been proposed to ASX by external stakeholders. ASX invites comments from all stakeholders on those proposals.

Listing rule 7.1A was introduced in 2012. It applies to entities which are not included in the S&P/ASX300 index and which have a market capitalisation equal to or less than $300 million. It allows those entities to obtain a 12 month shareholder mandate to issue up to 10% of issued capital without further shareholder approval, in addition to the 15% permitted under listing rule 7.1.

Comments on the proposals are requested by Monday 9 November 2015. The paper is available on ASX's website.
2. Announcements lodged just before market open or close
ASX Market Announcements Office tends to receive higher volumes of documents for release to the market just before the market opens at 10:00 am AEDT and just before the market closes at 4:00 pm AEDT. This may lead to slightly longer processing times during these peak periods than might be the case during other parts of the day.

An announcement should be submitted to ASX Market Announcements Office by no later than:

9:30 am AEDT if it is to be released by market open at 10:00 am AEDT; or
3:40 pm AEDT if it is to be released by market close at 4:00 pm AEDT.

Meeting these submission times will not necessarily guarantee publication of the announcement by market open or close, especially if the ASX Market Announcements Office identifies any concerns with the announcement that may require discussion with the entity or its Listings Compliance adviser. Not meeting them, however, will significantly increase the likelihood of the announcement not being released in time.

If a listed entity is trying to lodge a market sensitive announcement before market open and it becomes apparent that it will not be able to submit it to the ASX Market Announcements Office by 9:30 am AEDT, it should immediately contact its Listings Compliance adviser to discuss the options available. This may include putting in place a short trading halt under Listing Rule 17.1 to cater for any delay in the release of the announcement and to ensure the market does not trade on an uninformed basis.

A listed entity should, wherever possible, try to avoid lodging announcements between 3:40 pm and 4.11 pm AEDT as this may interfere with the closing single price auction which occurs between 4:10 pm and 4:11 pm AEDT each day.
3. ASX Online re-design working group
Over the next 12 months ASX will be re-designing ASX Online for both participants and listed entities. The first changes are already underway and we expect these to be delivered in 2016. Essential to the next steps in the process of updating is input from our listed company customers. We expect the consultation process to start in December. If you are willing to give some of your time in exchange for the opportunity to influence the way you digitally do business with ASX please contact us at Regular updates will be provided on our progress.
4. Next non-business day
ASX reminds listed entities that the next non-Business Day is Tuesday 3 November 2015, Melbourne Cup Day. Please take this into account if you are planning the timetable for a corporate action that will run over a period including that date. Despite being a non-Business Day, this day is a trading day and ASX will be open for trading on Melbourne Cup Day. The ASX Trading Calendar which advises these dates is available on the ASX website at
5. Periodic report due date reminder
Listed entities are reminded of upcoming deadlines for periodic reports:

Annual Reports, 30 June balance date - Monday 2 November 2015
Quarterly Reports for Mining and Commitments Test Entities - Friday 30 October 2015
6. External notification list for market announcements on ASX Online
Listed entities are reminded to regularly review the list of email addresses on the User Email Preferences screen of ASX Online. The list allows you to determine who receives emails notifying market announcements made by the entity (including a copy of the announcement). The list should be reviewed to ensure staff or directors who have departed or changed roles are removed if required and that new staff requiring such notifications are added.
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