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Compliance Update
15 January 2016
Update no 1/16
1. Removal of appeal rights of decisions under ASX Listing Rules
Listed entities are advised that the rules providing a right of appeal to the ASX Appeal Tribunal in respect of decisions made by ASX under the ASX Listing Rules have been removed with effect from 24 December 2015.
2. Access to share analytics for listed entities
One of the services ASX provides for listed entities through its Evolve program is access to investor relations analytics tools through Orient Capital's "miraqle" platform. The base module of miraqle - "miraqle markets" - offers online access to security trading data on individual securities, peers, sectors and indices and is made available at no cost to all listed entities.

Using miraqle markets, listed entities can obtain security trading metrics including price and volume (including volume-weighted average prices) and broker activity. These can be analysed over time and by reference to indices, sectors and customised peer groups to deliver meaningful market-based benchmarks for individual companies. The data can also easily be downloaded through a centralised reporting module for inclusion in board reports or other communications.

You can register for miraqle markets at and, using your login details, access miraqle through For more information about miraqle, contact Orient Capital on +612 8280 6000 or Giri Tenneti at ASX on +612 9227 0478 or
3. Update on the transition to T+2 settlement
ASX is on track for the implementation of T+2 settlement in March 2016 and has commenced a series of checkpoints with market participants to gauge readiness for the transition. In late February 2016 ASX will confirm the transition date. The current target is Monday 7 March 2016.

Listed entities are reminded that the transition to T+2 settlement also impacts corporate action timetables. For corporate actions with a record date of 9 March 2016 or later the ex period will be 2 business days (inclusive) rather than 3 business days. The ASX Online Forms for the announcement of certain corporate actions, including dividends, have already been amended to calculate the correct ex period based on the transition date. Please refer to Listed@ASX Compliance update published on 20 August 2015 for more information. Further information is also available in updates published on 21 December, 24 November, 31 July, and 10 June 2015.

If you have any queries on the transition to T+2 Settlement you can find more information at, contact your listings compliance adviser or email the ASX project team at

ASX will continue to provide updates on the transition to T+2 settlement relevant to ASX-listed entities in these emails.
4. 2016 Settlement Calendar
ASX has published the 2016 Settlement Calendar, which includes details of Non-Business Days for 2016. The calendar also includes information on the transition to T+2 settlement.
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