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Compliance Update
11 June 2015
Update no 06/15
1. ASX online forms for announcing corporate actions: update
As outlined in Compliance Update 03/15 ASX is implementing a number of improvements to online forms before their use becomes mandatory from 29 June 2015

Key dates:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 16-18 June 2015: online form updates by webinar outlining proposed changes and introducing the ASX Online training environment
Monday 29 June 2015: mandatory to use online forms for first announcement of corporate actions. Improved online forms available in ASX Online and on the ASX Online training environment

Proposed changes to forms

From 29 June a number of changes will be implemented to improve:

the wording of the forms - these are embodied in rule amendments to Appendices 3A.1 - 3A.5 outlined below;
the appearance of the PDF announcement generated by the submission of the online form - for example a summary of key details at the front of the PDF announcement (initially for Dividends / Distributions) and removal of unnecessary notes and instructions - detail on the summary is provided below; and
the functioning of the forms - including improved validations such as the "concurrent corporate action" validation (to ensure that two corporate actions are not created on the same security at the same time).

ASX Online training environment

ASX has also created an ASX Online training environment which is available here:

You will be able to log in using your existing credentials for ASX Online but will be prompted to change your password for the training environment. The training environment reproduces ASX Online for Companies but is not connected to the ASX market announcements platform or any other system (for example you can use the PDF or online form announcement process, but release of the announcement and resulting confirmations are simulated). The data on the ASX Online training environment will be refreshed every week on Friday evening. Data changes saved by users in the training environment (including any announcements drafted or submitted) will be deleted at the time this data refresh occurs.


The enhanced forms will be available on ASX Online and the ASX Online training environment from 29 June 2015.

ASX will run the following webinars in June 2015 to outline the proposed changes to the forms and introduce the ASX Online training environment:
Date Time Registration*
Tuesday 16 June 2015 2.30pm Sydney time Register here
Wednesday 17 June 2015 2.30pm Sydney time Register here
Thursday 18 June 2015 2.30pm Sydney time Register here

*All registrants will receive an email shortly before the scheduled day, outlining how to access the webinar.

ASX will run a roadshow and further webinars in July 2015 to demonstrate the enhanced forms. These will be advertised in a following Compliance Update.


The forms will be mandatory only for the first announcement of corporate actions on or after 29 June 2015. The publication of a "corporate calendar" or a timetable without details such as the amount of payment, does not constitute announcement of the corporate action.

Where a corporate action is announced at the same time as an entity’s financial results (in particular a dividend/distribution) the online form to announce the details of the corporate action should be submitted immediately after the Appendix 4D/E/F.

Where an entity has already announced a corporate action before 29 June 2015:

via PDF, any update to that corporate action (such as currency or DRP disclosures) should be done by PDF announcement.
using an online form, any update to that corporate action should be done online by updating the original online form.

Entities proposing to first announce corporate actions around the transition time from late June to early July 2015 should contact their listings adviser at ASX to confirm the best arrangements for announcement.

Proposed changes to wording of forms

The proposed changes to improve the wording of the forms are embodied in amendments to ASX Listing Rule Appendices 3A.1 - 3A.5 and are summarised below. A mark-up of the proposed changes to the wording of the forms is available on the log-in page for ASX Online companies: These rule amendments will come into effect on 29 June 2015 subject to regulatory approval.
Proposed change Appendix/question #
Improve wording of "conditionality" question - change to "approvals" and make it clear that only approvals prior to Day 0 of the timetable are relevant and that internal approvals such as board approval need not be disclosed. App 3A.1 Dividend:
2A.7, 2A.7a

App 3A.2 Interest Payment:
2A.11, 2B.1

App 3A.3 Consolidation/ Split:
2.1, 2.2

App 3A.4 Capital return (cash):
2.1, 2.1a

App 3A.5 Capital return (in-specie):
2.1, 2.1a (not available as an online form - Listing Rule Appendix only)
Improve wording to clarify the types of currency arrangements for which information is sought and remove the requirement to disclose currency arrangements if they are not the type of arrangement which the listed entity usually discloses. App 3A.1 Dividend:
2A.10, Part 2B

App 3A.2 Interest Payment:
2A.14, Part 2E
Clarify in franking sections (for ordinary, special and scrip dividends) that the unfranked amount is exclusive of the conduit foreign income amount and provide guidance on how to complete the forms (i.e. that the franked amount, unfranked amount and conduit foreign income amount all add up to the dividend amount for that particular dividend). For NZ Supplementary dividends provide guidance that franked and unfranked amounts add up to the supplementary dividend amount. App 3A.1 Dividend:
3A.4/3A.6/3A.7; 3B.4/3B.6/3B.7; 3C.8/3C.10/3C.11; 3F.5/ 3F.7

App 3A.2 Interest Payment:
2C.4, 2C.6, 2C.7
Clarify the requirement to ascribe a period to each dividend or specifically state that it does not relate to any specific interval of time within the financial year, and provide guidance on how to complete the form. App 3A.1 Dividend:
Change wording of "period ending" question to make it clear that the period is the "period ended or ending" and add note to confirm that it should match the financial period of any Appendix 4D/E/F lodged at the same time as the dividend is announced. App 3A.1 Dividend:
Improve wording to clarify that "total amount" means the total amount of all dividends notified using the form (e.g. ordinary + special where an ordinary and special dividend are notified using the form) App 3A.1 Dividend:
Improve wording of the question asking entities to disclose whether they have a securities plan. App 3A.1 Dividend:
Add a note explaining "tax component information" App 3A.1 Dividend:
Add free text field to explain how the total interest rate is derived in the preference security dividend section App 3A.1 Dividend:
Add a general free text field for further information in the DRP/BSP/Other Plan sections. App 3A.1 Dividend:
4A.13, 4B.13, 4C.14
Improve the wording on provision of rates in respect of interest payments and provide extra free text fields for further information. App 3A.2 Interest Payment:
2A.7, 2A.8, 2A.10(i), 3.9, 3.10

Announcement summary feature

One of the enhancements to the online forms will be an announcement summary at the front of the PDF announcement of the dividend online forms. The summary will be created from the following data once it has been entered into the form:

entity name
security code and description
announcement type
date of the announcement
dividend/distribution amount
ex date
record date
payment date
DRP election date (if applicable)
Additional information (if the entity wishes to add further information).

The rest of the announcement will follow on after the summary. Shorter summaries of key details will also appear when an original announcement is updated or cancelled. Once the summary feature is implemented for the dividend form and feedback has been received, ASX will look at extending this feature to the other online forms.

Further information

If you have any questions please email or telephone Giri Tenneti on +61 2 9227 0594 or your listings adviser. Further information about online forms is available on the log-in page for ASX Online:
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