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Livestreaming – Saturday 16 November 2019


We will be streaming the Melbourne event on Saturday 16 November at 9:15am (AEDT).


After morning tea at 11:25am, you will be able to choose between presentations from the investing and trading streams. Click on the links below to watch the presentations.



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Presenting company: ASX

Learn how the latest Australian and global events are impacting the sharemarket and understand which key indicators to look out for in the year ahead.


Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy, Chief Market Strategist

Michael McCarthy is Chief Market Strategist for CMC Markets Asia Pacific, where he is responsible for global and local market analysis, formulating trading strategies and playing a key role in education of clients.

Mr McCarthy is a trader first and foremost. Working with prominent global investment banks and brokers as a proprietary trader, he has managed money market books, conducted foreign exchange arbitrage, stood as a market maker in exchange traded options over shares on the ASX trading floor, managed hybrid and convertible note portfolios, and traded a global share index swap book. As a director of trading he oversaw all equity derivative risk, acting as a wholesaler of market risk management to the global operations of the bank.

Michael has over 35 years of experience in financial markets. He holds a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University, and has held licenses and accreditation from regulatory authorities and exchanges from around the world, including ASIC, the SFE, the ASX and ASXD, and the SEC in New York. He now lectures to applied finance students at Macquarie University.

His focus is CMC and its clients, but his ability to identify and simplify key market considerations means persistent media requests, both in Australia and internationally. He is a regular on Australia’s national broadcaster the ABC, BBC World, Bloomberg, SKY, and SBS News.



Hear from some of Australia's top investment managers on their top stock picks for the next 12 months and their views on what is impacting markets.

Presenting company:
Moderator: nabtrade
Panellists: Hyperion | Westoz Funds Management | Legg Mason


Gemma Dale

Gemma Dale, Director, SMSF and Investor Behaviour

Gemma Dale is a Director, SMSF and Investor Behaviour at nabtrade. She is a recognised expert in SMSF and superannuation topics, and regularly discusses investment trends and investor behaviour in the media, including Sky Business, the Australian Financial Review and The Australian.




Tim Samway

Tim Samway, Managing Director, Hyperion

Tim has been a leader in financial markets for the last 35years and with Hyperion for the last 20 years. During the period he led Hyperion as Managing Director, Hyperion won two coveted overall Fund Manager of the Year awards and numerous small cap and large cap equity awards.

Tim is regularly called upon to provide insights on long term investing in quality businesses both here in Australia and as well as in international markets.



Dermot Woods

Dermot Woods, Executive Director, Westoz Funds Management

As Executive Director, Dermot is responsible for sourcing, analysing and implementing investment ideas. He is a member of the Manager's Investment Committee. Mr Woods has over twenty years of investment experience in international equity markets as an equity analyst and a portfolio manager.




Eu-Jene Teng

Eu-Jene Teng, Business Development Manager, Martin Currie - a Legg Mason affiliate

Eu-Jene joined Martin Currie in 2019 as a Business Development Manager to provide sales and client service activity across Pan-Asia. Prior to this, Eu-Jene was an Associate Director of Institutional Sales at Pinnacle Investment Management with Pan-Asian responsibility. He has also held business development roles at Macquarie Investment Management, Vanguard, Orchard Funds and Macquarie Professional Series. Eu-Jene has a Master of Business Administration from Melbourne Business School and a Commerce degree from Murdoch University.



A quick look into the streams ahead and why you should consider attending the investing or trading sessions.

Presenting company: ASX


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Choose a session of interest to you on the day.

What should you consider when building an investment portfolio to meet your goals? Hear about techniques experts use to manage their portfolios and understand why it matters to have exposure to various asset classes, as you move through different stages in your investment journey.


Presenting company: Vanguard


Robin Bowerman

Robin Bowerman, Head of Corporate Affairs, Vanguard

Robin Bowerman is Head of Corporate Affairs at Vanguard and a member of Vanguard Australia’s Executive team.

In his current role, Robin leads the corporate communications and government relations functions of the business and plays a key role in Vanguard’s long-term strategy development.

Robin joined Vanguard in 2003 as Head of Retail and played a pivotal role in the growth of Vanguard’s retail business and the products and services offered to financial advisers and retail investors, as well as overseeing retail sales and marketing.

Robin is a key spokesperson and experienced presenter for Vanguard, with expertise in investor education, funds management, self-managed super funds, product development, industry and regulatory affairs related topics. Prior to joining Vanguard, Robin had a distinguished career in the media and was a leading financial services writer, commentator and editor for over 15 years.

He continues to be editor of Vanguard’s core client publications including writing a weekly column with more than 50,000 readers.

In 2002, Robin co-authored the book Wealth of Experience, with Jeremy Duffield, Vanguard Australia’s ex-Chairman and founder. Robin also serves as Vice Chairman of the SMSF Association.

Balaji Gopal

Balaji Gopal, Head of Product Strategy, Vanguard

Balaji Gopal is Head of Product Strategy for Vanguard in Australia.

In this role, he leads the team responsible for long- term product planning, research, development and implementation. Balaji works closely with Vanguard’s global teams in the design and launch of new products, as well as implementing changes across Vanguard’s suite of investment products.

Prior to joining Vanguard in April 2017, Balaji gained over 15 years’ experience working across government, financial services, investment and management consulting sectors.

This presentation will cover: What are the Fibonacci sequence, Fibonacci ratios and Fibonacci retracements and how to apply them in financial markets in conjunction with other technical indicators in order to identify high probability trading setups.

Presenting company: Violeta Todorova, Morgans


Violeta Todorova

Violeta Todorova, Senior Technical Analyst, Morgans

Violeta, Senior Technical Analyst, brings a wealth of experience to Morgans & uses price charts to identify stock trends early & accurately. She combines advanced technical analysis techniques with the basic trend analysis, chart patterns & indicator tools into a powerful stock market timing system.


Inflows into fixed income and equity income strategies have been at all-time highs across ASX Investment Products. This panel will bring together industry experts to discuss the outlook for their asset classes, what they’re seeing in the market and considerations for you when deciding on your income strategy.

Presenting company:
Moderator: Bell Direct
Panellists: Metrics Credit Partners | Qualitas | BetaShares


Jessica Amir

Jessica Amir, Market Analyst and Media Presenter, Bell Direct

Jessica is a Market Analyst and Media Presenter at Bell Direct. She is passionate about making the finance and investment world easier to understand and more accessible to everyday Australians. She has worked in both equities and broadcast television, analysing markets, while also interviewing politicians, Prime Ministers, Treasurers, CEOs and fund managers; asking them the questions investors need to know. You may have also seen or heard Jessica on ABC News, Sky News Business, or the regional arms of Channel 7 and 9.



Andrew Lockart

Andrew Lockart, Metrics Credit Partners

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in funds management, banking and finance. His areas of expertise include corporate debt origination, portfolio and risk management and corporate restructuring. Andrew previously specialised in leverage and acquisition finance as well as corporate and institutional lending.




Ying-Peng Bell

Ying-Peng Bell, Director, Corporate Strategy, Qualitas

Yin-Peng Bell has over 13 years' experience in real estate financing, specialising in structured loans for private corporate and institutional borrowers, and across all property asset classes. Yin-Peng played a lead role in the establishment of the ASX-listed Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund, and now plays a key role in managing the fund as well as overseeing the banking and treasury function of the Qualitas Funds platform.



David Bassanese

David Bassanese, Chief Economist, BetaShares

David Bassanese is Chief Economist at BetaShares. Prior to BetaShares, David was a senior financial commentator with The AFR. He has worked at Macquarie Bank, the Federal Treasury and the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). He is author of Australia’s definitive book on ETFs, The Australian ETF Guide.



The level of exposure investors need to capital growth assets in their investment portfolio depends on the investment objective, risk tolerance and time frame. This session will explore how investors can get exposure to growth assets, the investment strategies that can be deployed by investment managers and how to think about risk in the context of achieving growth in your investment portfolio.

Presenting company: Regal Funds Management


Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor, Regal Funds Management

Brendan O'Connor commenced with Regal Funds Management as Chief Executive Officer in December 2016 and is a member of the Regal Investment Fund (RF1) investment committee. Brendan has over 20 years of financial services experience with organisations including KPMG, Westpac and Challenger Limited. Immediately prior to joining Regal Brendan spent over 10 years at Challenger, including eight years as the CFO of Challenger's Funds Management business. Brendan holds a Bachelor of Business, majoring in accounting and finance from the University of Technology, Sydney, is a chartered accountant and a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


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For those of you wondering how to start and where to seek help with investing, hear from experts in this session on what investors typically need help with during different stages of your life and how you can approach the search for an adviser.

Presenting company: Adviser Ratings | SixPark | Private Capital Management


Mark Hoven

Mark Hoven, CEO Wealth, Adviser Ratings

Mark joined the Adviser Rating team in November 2017 as CEO Wealth. Mark has worked in the Wealth industry for the last 20 years in investment research, ratings and data-analytic businesses following an earlier career as a petroleum engineer at Exxon. He spent 10 years with Standard & Poor's, establishing and growing a start-up fund research business to top 2 in Australia before running the global business based in London.



Pat Garrett

Pat Garrett, Co-CEO, SixPark

Pat Garrett is the co-CEO of Six Park, one of Australia’s leading providers of online investment management. He co-founded Six Park in 2014 after a 25-year career in the financial services industry. From 1990 to 2005, Pat worked at JP Morgan in New York, San Francisco, and Melbourne (Australia). Since 2005, Pat has worked at Georgica Associates, a private investment management firm based in Melbourne. At both JP Morgan and Georgica Associates, Pat was involved with managing the global private equity investment portfolio and had specific responsibilities for investment strategy and portfolio management and reporting.



Ted Richards

Ted Richards, Director of Business Development, SixPark

Six Park's Director of Business Development, Ted is a former AFL premiership player with the Sydney Swans, where he earned accolades not only for his football skill but his leadership, toughness and sportsmanship. Ted has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Applied Finance, and has studied behavioural economics at Harvard.



Nathan Ide

Nathan Ide, Managing Director, Private Capital Management

Nathan has over 13 years financial markets experience within Investment Banking, Investment Management and Wealth Management and has worked within some of the worlds largest banks. Nathan has presented a TED talk in Boston on Australia’s superannuation industry and has been a frequent presenter at industry events.



Equip yourself with the relevant tools to become a well-informed DIY investor. Understand how to reach and implement your investment ideas and monitor the performance of your portfolio. Our expert will help you understand important considerations for managing your portfolio including rebalancing, reporting and tax implications.

Presenting company: Sharesight


Doug Morris

Doug Morris, CEO, Sharesight

Doug is the CEO of Sharesight. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Prior to Sharesight, Doug worked at Morningstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: MORN), where he held various positions including Product Manager for Morningstar Adviser Research Center (a platform serving financial advisers), and Global Product & Marketing Manager, Equity & Credit Research, overseeing international research distribution.



With over 2,000 listed companies and over 500 listed managed investments on ASX (ETFs, mFunds, Listed Investment Companies) knowing where to allocate your investment dollars can take a lot of research. Learn techniques to help you start investing in the market.

Presenting company: nabtrade


Gemma Dale

Gemma Dale, Director, SMSF and Investor Behaviour

Gemma Dale is a Director, SMSF and Investor Behaviour at nabtrade. She is a recognised expert in SMSF and superannuation topics, and regularly discusses investment trends and investor behaviour in the media, including Sky Business, the Australian Financial Review and The Australian.



This presentation takes a deep dive into key strategies available to investors to generate consistent income streams while still protecting their portfolio from market downturns. Find out if growth stocks can provide a valid option when investing for income – both now and in the future. Learn what portfolio protection alternatives are available for you.


Presenting company: ASX


Graham O'Brien

Graham O'Brien, Senior Manager, ASX

Graham has over 22 years’ experience in the equity and derivatives industry as a broker and educator. He started on the options trading floor as a board broker in 1995, then worked on both institutional and retail desks until 2001. One of Graham’s key responsibilities today is educating investors and advisers on a range of ASX products including options.



In this session, our expert will explore what smart beta investing is and how this can play a role in your portfolio. The session will also outline key considerations when investing in smart beta strategies and approach to find a suitable solution that can help meet your investment objectives.

Presenting company: VanEck


Campbell Stevens

Campbell Stevens, Business Development Associate, VanEck

Cambell is a business development associate at VanEck joining in 2017 from JBWere where he worked as a financial intermediary’s analyst. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business, Major in Marketing from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.



Damon Gosen

Damon Gosen, Vice President, Business Development, VanEck

Damon is responsible for business development across the broker and financial planning channels in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Damon has worked as a Strategy Manager, Direct Investments for AMP Capital and held investment roles with AXA and Genesys. Damon has a MBA from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Economics from The University of Queensland.



Julian Moore

Julian Moore, Vice President, Business Development Associate, VanEck

Julian is a business development associate at VanEck, joining VanEck in 2017 from Bell Potter Securities, where he worked as a Dealer’s Assistant. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney and is completing a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University.



Using ASX listed MINIs to trade rising and falling markets cross index, offshore indices, stocks, commodities and currencies.

Presenting company: Citi


Liz Tian

Liz Tian, Director, Equity Derivatives, Citi

Liz has been specializing in equity products and investor derivative structures over different asset classes such as shares, international shares, commodities and currencies. Citi has over 95% market share in the retail market in this space. Liz has worked on the Citi Equity Products business for over 5 years. Prior to Citi she worked at RBS/ ABN Amro, Colonial Geared Investments and Macquarie Private Wealth. Liz is also a regular speaker for the Kaplan CPD Education Program, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Television Interviews to ABC Business, CNBC, SKY Business News, Nine, Ten, and Radio 2UE.




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Understand where the investment opportunities lie in the face of increased geopolitical uncertainty around the world. Our expert will share their investment case on global markets and help you identify regions to consider when making investment decisions.

Presenting company: BlackRock


James Waterworth

James Waterworth, Vice President, National iShares Specialist is based in Melbourne, Australia

Prior to re-joining BlackRock in September 2017, Mr. Waterworth worked for Societe Generale's Lyxor Asset Management as Director, UK & Ireland ETF sales based in London. Before this he worked for BlackRock in London as Vice President within EMEA corporate strategy and iShares UK & Ireland sales. Mr. Waterworth began his career in Sydney at UBS in equity derivatives sales. Mr. Waterworth holds a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Commerce, with honours, from the University of Sydney.



Blair Hannon

Blair Hannon, Vice President, iShares ETF Specialist, BlackRock Australia

Blair is responsible for increasing ETF adoption and helping drive sales in coordination with the Australian iShares team. The focus is across retail and particularly the broker and private bank segment by providing market analysis linked to trade ideas, educational content and thought and sales leadership.
Blair joined BlackRock after spending 12 years at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia where he was a Senior Investment Adviser providing investment advice to high net wealth individuals across equities, derivatives and funds.
He has a Bachelor of Finance from Newcastle university and is currently undertaking an MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales.




How do you determine when to buy, hold or sell? There isn’t always a single ‘right’ answer. This presentation is your chance to listen to experts debate their opinions and explain their ratings on stocks, as suggested by you.

Presenting company: Shaw and Partners


Adam Dawes

Adam Dawes, Senior Investment Adviser, Shaw and Partners

Adam Dawes is a Senior Investment Adviser and has worked at Shaw and Partners since 2003. In total, Adam has over 16 years of experience in wealth management, delivering investment advice on a wide range of areas, including equity trading, portfolio and risk management, bonds and superannuation. With a thorough understanding of financial markets and strategic long-term financial planning, Adam constructs and carefully manages the investment portfolios of a select group of private clients and sophisticated investors. Since 2015 Adam has been a regular contributor on equity markets with yourMONEY / Sky News Business and other business and finance TV shows like CNBC and ABC Business. Adam backs all his recommendations with a full account of risks and rewards and solidifies his partnership with clients through diligent ongoing support and advice.



Presenting companies

(Click on the company logo to find out more information)


Adviser Ratings puts the entire world of financial advisers and online advice tools at your finger tips making it easy to find the right kind of advice to suit you and your circumstances. It is an easy to use and transparent online platform which empowers customers and provides a valuable independent mechanism of consumer feedback for the industry.

Speaker: Mark Hoven, CEO Wealth

ASX operates at the heart of Australia’s financial markets. We are a fully integrated exchange across multiple asset classes, including access to domestic and international equities, fixed income, infrastructure and property products through listed, traded and post-trade structures. Enabling our retail, SMSF Trustee and financial planning clients a simple and cost-effective way to build diversified investment portfolios.

Speaker: Graham O'Brien, Senior Manager, Equity Derivatives

Bell Direct is an online trading platform, part of Bell Financial Group. As Australia’s most recommended online broker, Bell Direct has been voted number 1 for customer service, trading ideas, stock recommendations and education (Investment Trends H1 2018 Online Broking Survey). You get real broker research from Bell Potter, daily trading ideas and strategic portfolio tools all with an easy-to-use platform.

Speaker: Tim Sparks, Head of Distribution, Marketing and Media

BetaShares is a leading Australian ETF manager. BetaShares range of Funds is one of the largest and most diverse available in the market. Offering investors simple to use and cost-effective access to equities, cash, currencies, commodities and alternative strategies. As at August 2019, BetaShares manages approximately $8.5 billion in assets.

Speaker: David Bassanese, Chief Economist

iShares unlocks opportunity across markets to meet the evolving needs of investors. With more than twenty years of experience, a global line-up of 900+ exchange traded funds (ETFs) and US$2 trillion in assets under management as of 30 June 2019, iShares continues to drive progress for the financial industry. iShares funds are powered by the expert portfolio and risk management of BlackRock, trusted to manage more money than any other investment firm¹.

¹Based on US$6.84 trillion in AUM as of 6/30/19.

James Waterworth, Vice President, National iShares Specialist
Blair Hannon, Vice President, iShares ETF Specialist

Citi Australia: As part of one of the world's largest financial services companies with a presence in nearly 100 countries. Citi's two major business divisions, Global Consumer Bank and Institutional Clients Group, operate in Australia. Citi's Institutional Clients Group includes banking, capital markets and advisory, markets and securities services and treasury and trade solutions. It is one of the few banking groups in Australia with a full range of services and the ability to tap capital and expertise around the world. With over 1600 employees based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, Citi is committed to supporting the Australian community in which we live and work.

Speaker: Liz Tian, Director, Equity Derivatives


CMC Markets is a leading independent financial services provider offering a range of investment products including shares and Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

Speaker: Michael McCarthy, Chief Market Strategist

While there are many quality growth style managers, few have the track record of producing outperformance for clients for close to a quarter of a century.

Hyperion’s stand out characteristic is their long term approach to investing which results in extremely low turnover and highly concentrated benchmark-agnostic portfolios. Hyperion has a track record of finding substantial winners and investing in them to the benefit of their clients.

Hyperion’s Global Growth Companies fund has been a regular at the top of the performance surveys since inception and brings to clients a focused approach of only investing in high quality businesses that are exposed to long-term tailwinds and organic growth opportunities.

Speaker: Tim Samway, Managing Director

Legg Mason is one of the world’s largest investment management groups and comprises nine independent investment managers with differentiated expertise across the full spectrum of asset classes. Martin Currie are active equity specialists, crafting high conviction portfolios and have been part of the Legg Mason group since 2014.

Kimon Kouryialas, Head of Pan-Asia Distribution
Eu-Jene Teng, Business Development Manager

Metrics Credit Partners (Metrics) is an alternative asset manager specialising in fixed income, private credit, equity and capital markets. Metrics is the leading Australian non-bank corporate lender, having lent in excess of $6.5bn across more than 250 transactions since launching in 2013. Metrics now manages in excess of $5bn in AUM across a range of funds and is a leader in providing retail investors access to private debt markets through its two ASX-listed investment trusts, the MCP Master Income Trust (ASX:MXT, $1.3bn market cap) listed in October 2017 and the MCP Income Opportunities Trust (ASX:MOT, $310m market cap) listed in April 2019.

Andrew Lockart, Managing Partner

Australia's largest national full-service stockbroking & wealth management network operating from all states & territories.

Violeta Todorova, Senior Technical Analyst


With a range of products, insights and tools for investors at every stage, nabtrade can give you the confidence to find your next investment opportunity.

Speaker: Gemma Dale, Director, SMSF and Investor Behaviour

Private Capital Management was established to provide clients an intelligent mortgage broking and wealth management experience. Our values and ethos are built on exceptional customer service, with trust and ethics guiding our work to the highest standard. We typically support high income earners from 30 to 50 years of age.

Speaker: Nathan Ide, Managing Director

Established in 2008, Qualitas has an 11-year track record in the real estate sector and currently manages approximately $2.3 billion in committed capital. Comprising over 70 investment and fiduciary professionals, Qualitas has a disciplined approach to generating strong risk-adjusted returns for its investors.

Speaker: Ying-Peng Bell, Director, Corporate Strategy

Regal Funds Management was founded in 2004 and is one of Australia's most highly awarded investment managers. Regal is a specialist manager of alternative investment strategies and strongly believes in alignment with investors. Founders and staff hold significant investments across the Regal Funds and the firm is 100% owned by founders and staff. Regal employs a team of over 40 staff including 25 investment professionals across a range of investment strategies and has offices in Sydney and Singapore.

Speaker: Brendan O'Connor, CEO

Sharesight is an award-winning fintech company with offices in Sydney, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand. Its secure online portfolio tracker is used by over 100,000 DIY investors and finance professionals in over 90 countries. Sharesight syncs with brokers to track trades, dividends, and corporate actions automatically. It allows clients to run powerful performance and tax reports, and share secure portfolio access with others.

Speaker: Doug Morris, CEO


Shaw and Partners is one of Australia’s preeminent investment and wealth management firms. With a national presence and $16 billion of assets under advice, Shaw and Partners offers the intimacy of a boutique investment firm with the resources and scale of a major financial group.

Speaker: Adam Dawes, Senior Investment Adviser

Six Park is a leading provider of automated investment guidance (also called “robo-advice”) in Australia. Six Park provides investors with simple and streamlined access to cost-effective, globally diversified, professionally managed portfolios tailored to their risk profile.

Speaker: Pat Garrett, Co-CEO | Ted Richards, Director of Business Development

VanEck is one of the world’s largest Exchange Traded Product (ETP) issuers. In Australia our range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) provide investors with:

  • opportunities to asset classes often underrepresented in investor portfolios; or
  • beyond-the-usual approaches to established investment categories.


Julian Moore, Business Development Associate
Damon Gosen, Vice President, Business Development
Campbell Stevens, Business Development Associate

With more than AUD $7.9 trillion in assets under management as of 30 June 2019, including more than AUD $1.5 trillion in ETFs, Vanguard is one of the world’s largest global investment management companies. In Australia, Vanguard has been serving financial advisers, retail clients and institutional investors for more than 20 years.

Speaker: Robin Bowerman, Head of Corporate Affairs

Westoz Funds Management Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Euroz Limited (ASX Code: EZL) that was established in May 2005 to undertake the management of wholesale investment funds on behalf of clients. Assets have been managed since July 2005. It currently manages portfolios of Australian equities on behalf of two listed investment Companies, Westoz Investment Company Limited and Ozgrowth Limited. The investment objective for both portfolios is to generate consistent positive returns over the medium to long term. The majority of investments have a connection to Western Australia.

Speaker: Dermot Woods, Executive Director


Recap Investor Day insights and discussions from previous events.


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