Acceptable collateral


ASX Clear Pty Limited and ASX Clear (Futures) Pty Limited does not directly specify the form of collateral that brokers’ may accept from their clients.  Instead, both central counterparties (CCPs) requires that its clearing participants call cash or collateral from their clients which they consider sufficient to ensure that the participant is able to satisfy its margin obligations to ASX Clear (refer ASX Clear Operating Rules section 14.7.1) and ASX Clear (Futures) (refer to ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules section 43.1 and ASX OTC Handbook).

Given that collateral arrangements between a broker and its clients are, subject to the ASX Clear and ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules, a matter for the broker to determine, investors should contact brokers directly for information relating to collateral accepted by any individual broker to cover margin obligations.

In accordance with their own policies, some brokers may pass through collateral lodged with them to ASX Clear and ASX Clear (Futures) (subject to the CCPs' acceptable collateral criteria). 

ASX Clear Participants

In order for your broker to be able to pass through collateral lodged by you to ASX Clear, you are required to sign the Addendum to the derivatives client agreement (DCA). In this addendum, you acknowledge that you have read and understand certain operating rules of ASX Clear.  These rules relate to cover and default.

Section 14 and Section 15 are the relevant sections of the ASX Clear Operating Rules that relate to cover and default.

ASX Clear list of acceptable stock collateral

ASX Clear (Futures) Participants

ASXCLF Acceptable Collateral List