CHESS Replacement

ASX is replacing CHESS with distributed ledger technology (DLT) developed by Digital Asset

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CHESS Replacement Communications

The following lists communications since December 2018 about the CHESS Replacement project.

Date of publication Details Reference materials
27-Mar-2020 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - March 2020 Newsletter - March 2020
25-Mar-2020 ASX to consult on CHESS replacement implementation timetable Media Release
3-Mar-2020 Technical Documentation - CDE 6 code drop Release Notes
28-Feb-2020 Technical Documentation - Release 7 (part II) Release Notes 
25-Feb-2020 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - February 2020 Newsletter - February 2020
31-Jan-2020 Technical Documentation - Release 7 (part I) Release Notes
28-Jan-2020 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - January 2020 Newsletter- January 2020
19-Dec-2019 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - December 2019 Newsletter - December 2019
13-Dec-2020 Technical Documentation - CDE 5 code drop Release Notes
29-Nov-2019 Technical Documentation - Release 6  Release Notes
22-Nov-2020 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - November 2019 Newsletter - November 2019
7-Nov-2019 ASX National Issuer Roadshow Oct/Nov 2019 - CHESS Replacement update Presentation slides
5-Nov-2019 Technical Documentation - CDE 4 code drop Release Notes
5-Nov-2019 Technical Documentation - Release 5 (part II) Release Notes
23-Oct-2019 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - October 2019 Newsletter - October 2019
27-Sep-2019 Technical Documentation - Release 5 (part I) Release Notes
20-Sep-2019 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - September 2019 Newsletter- September 2019
3-Sep-2019 ASX CHESS Replacement System Access Pricing Pricing Letter - September 2019
30-Aug-2019 Technical Documentation - CDE 3 code drop Release Notes
26-Aug-2019 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - August 2019 Newsletter - August 2019
26-Aug-2019 ASX Media Release - ASX, Digital Asset & VMWare join forces on DLT Media Release
31-July-2019 Technical Documentation - Release 4 Release Notes
19-July-2019 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - July 2019 Newsletter - July 2019
17-July-2019 Toronto Centre Podcast: Introducing the Newest Technology to Capital Markets: The Industry's Perspective - July 31, 2019 Podcast - July 2019
5-July-2019 Technical Documentation - What's New update What's New
28-June-19 Technical Documentation - CDE 2 code drop Release Notes
28-June-19 Technical Documentation - Release 3 (part II) Release Notes
20-Jun-19 ASX CHESS Replacement Project Newsletter - June 2019 Newsletter - June 2019
30-May-19 Technical Documentation - Release 3 (part I) Release Notes
7-May-19 ASX Media Release – Successful opening of CDE for DLT testing Media Release
30-Apr-19 Technical Documentation update – Direct Connectivity & Testing What’s New
30-Apr-19 Technical Documentation – CDE 1 code drop Release Notes
4-Apr-19 Digital Asset Media Release – DAML Open Source Media Release
29-Mar-10 Technical Documentation – Release 2  
13-Mar-19 Technical Documentation update – Connectivity, Environments & Testing What’s New
12-Mar-19 ASX details on the costs to access the CHESS Replacement system for clearing and settlement participants ASX letter
20-Dec-18 Technical Documentation update – Revisions What’s New
14-Dec-18 Technical Documentation – Release 1 Release Notes