ASX 24 EFP, Strip and Block Trade Registration Access

ASX TradeAccept is a web based system used by ASX 24 Participants to register Strip trades and off market trades such as EFPs and Block Trades. ASX TradeAccept is also used for the registration of telephone trading activity in the event of a ASX Trade24 emergency or disaster recovery situation.

Benefits of ASX TradeAccept

ASX TradeAccept provides:

  •  Improved usability by including functions such as drop-down selections and trade validations
  • Additional security through the use of individual User Digital Certificates
  • The ability for Participants to manage their own Users and User privileges as well as a two eyes / four eyes user authorisation process
  • An upload functionality for SPI futures vs Baskets of stocks through a Grid Interface directly into ASX TradeAccept
  • Increased access for trade registration during ASX Trade24 trading hours

For information on using ASX TradeAccept please refer to the TradeAccept User Manual   

To register for access to ASX TradeAccept please complete the Participant administrator form.