Become a service provider

Today’s investors and traders demand fast, accurate market information. By becoming a vendor of ASX market information, you can provide your customers and clients with the ASX market information they need.

Everything your clients need to know

ASX market information services provide direct access to comprehensive market and company information from our trading, clearing and settlement systems. Eliminate the risk of delayed or inaccurate information by getting it straight from the source.

Connectivity to suit your business needs

Timing can be critical where markets are concerned, so ASX market information services provide a wide range of connectivity options, so you can access information fast. Services are delivered in a range of formats designed for straight-through processing – so you can reduce processing costs and avoid data errors and processing delays.

Flexible pricing and services

ASX provides a range of pricing options depending on your requirements. No matter how large or small your business, we’ve got an information service to suit your needs and budget.

To find out more about becoming an ASX information vendor, contact us today.