Market Consultation (2018)

On 27 April 2018, ASX released a consultation paper, CHESS Replacement: New Scope and Implementation Plan. The paper sought industry feedback on: the new and enhanced business functionality proposed for the new system; some redundant services that would be decommissioned; the draft plan for implementation of the new system; and the testing and transition arrangements. The paper also described the system’s high-level technology architecture for the DLT-based model and connectivity options.

Feedback was invited from users and other stakeholders on the following questions to assist in planning for the delivery of the new system:

  • Were there any important new business requirements that were not captured in the consultation paper that should be included?
  • Was there specific feedback on the proposed testing and release management strategy and the proposed migration and implementation approach?
  • Was there particular information that was needed to assist with transition planning?


The consultation period closed on 22 June 2018.

 Download Consultation paper

On 4 September 2018, ASX released its response to the feedback received on its consultation paper CHESS Replacement: New Scope and Implementation Plan.

The paper included a summary of the responses received and detailed the changes ASX has made to the scope and implementation plan as a result of industry feedback.

Download Response to Consultation Feedback

A total of 41 written submissions were received including 21 submissions provided on a non-confidential basis.