Registry, Issuing and Paying Agency service

Austraclear offers issuers a full range of Registry, Issuing and Paying Agency services for all corporate actions over a security’s lifecycle.

Our infrastructure helps issuers easily and seamlessly manage securities from origination to maturation, backed by one of the most robust financial systems in Australia.

Austraclear’s single integrated service for the registration, issuing, lodgement, trade settlement, coupon and redemption distribution for all $A and RMB debt products make issuing notes and securities easy. Backed by ASX’s state-of-the-art market infrastructure, it provides an efficient way to issue and manage securities.


The Austraclear registry enables efficient and expedient establishment of new issues and seamless fulfilment of all corporate actions. We can handle register maintenance, hold issue documentation, provide certificates (if required), make the register available for inspection and provide third parties with copies of issue documentation.

Acceptable securities

Austraclear provides registry services for a wide range of securities, including:

  • Registered Short Term Notes (STNs)
  • Fixed Income securities both fixed and Floating Rate Interest
    • Mortgage Backed Securities
    • Asset Backed Securities
    • Other corporate bonds
    • CPI linked bonds
    • Commonwealth Government Securities
    • Semi-Government Securities
    • CDOs

Issuing and payment

Austraclear can also act as the Issuing and Paying Agent (IPA), providing the issuer with complete control over each corporate action. These services also provide all of the usual benefits of the Austraclear system, such as real-time Delivery versus Payment (DvP) settlement and Straight Through Processing (STP).

Issuing and payment services include:

  • setting up new securities
  • depositing new securities into Austraclear
  • transferring new securities to the initial purchasers
  • facilitating the early redemption or withdrawal of securities
  • providing record date reports for each interest payment date and maturity date
  • paying maturity proceeds, interest and other amounts in respect of securities in accordance with issuer instructions.


Issuers are not required to be Austraclear Participants, but lodgement in the system must be carried out by an Austraclear Participant. Investors in the issue must be Austraclear Participants.