Technical information

There are four ways to access the Central Securities Depository.

1. Austraclear National Network Infrastructure

The Austraclear National Network Infrastructure (ANNI) provides a dedicated fully routed network connection with end-to-end TCP/IP connectivity to access the Austraclear system, RITS and RBNZ services.

A dedicated ANNI connection is required for participants with A$1 billion in holdings or who execute more than 100 transactions per day.

2. Web access

Participants can access Austraclear through the internet. ASX recommends a minimum internet connection speed of 128 KB per second.

3. SAFE: ASX Austraclear file export service

The free SAFE service provides a direct link between your systems and Austraclear using SWIFT-based message formats.

Our proprietary software automatically downloads transactions, eliminating manual input and sending files in batch data transfers. SAFE caters for the following Austraclear entry records:

  • cash transfer transactions
  • fixed income and discount securities
  • foreign exchange transactions.

Supported SWIFT message codes

4. Via proxy

Participants can also access the Austraclear System via another participant's connection by appointing the other participant as their proxy. This allows a participant to realise the benefits of direct CSD participation without the operational cost overheads.

To take full advantage of Austraclear’s services, ASX recommends using one of our high-speed connection options, such as the ASX Net fibre-optic network.

Contact us for more information about connectivity options and minimum system requirements.