Why Austraclear?

Austraclear combines best practice settlement and state-of-the-art technology to provide a wide range of industry-leading services to financial markets.

Along with the core Central Securities Depository and settlement services, it provides a range of issuer and market services.


Austraclear is one of the most established financial networks in Australia, with a long history of providing reliable service and near-perfect system availability. Our systems are designed to minimise operational and settlement risk through the reduction or elimination of manual processing, and require minimal capital investment to implement.


Austraclear is a licensed Clearing and Settlement facility under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). It is overseen by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and subject to annual review of compliance with its licence obligations. Austraclear is also subject to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Financial Stability Standards and is subject to annual review of its compliance with those standards. These requirements provide an extra level of protection to Austraclear users.

Real time transactions

Austraclear provides seamless DvP settlement, ensuring instant and irrevocable exchange of cash and security ownership. This increases client protection, improves settlement risk mitigation and makes trade administration faster and more cost-effective.

Broad participation

There are over 800 Austraclear participants, representing the majority of the Australian financial market. Through Austraclear, participants have access to all Australian banks, building societies, credit unions, nominees, custodians, fund managers, local government councils, insurance companies and major corporations, as well as participants in the energy market.