ASX Net Global

The Fastest International Access to Australia's Financial Markets Community

ASX Net Global is a managed multi-product international network solution that caters for both latency sensitive and non-latency sensitive customers providing access to ASX markets, market data and co-location facility from the heart of international financial centres.

Our network solution delivers performance and flexibility to meet the needs of customers from Asia, Europe or North America connecting to the fast growing Australian market environment in Australia.

ASX Net Global is available to ASX customers using it either as a primary or secondary network solution.

ASX Net Global is fully managed and is powered by Telstra’s low latency EPLX and expansive connectivity products providing a reliable solution for connecting into and out of Australia.

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ASX Net Global provides resilient, low latency access to ASX services as well as bandwidth solutions.

The following services are available on ASX Net Global:

  • Connectivity to ASX 24
  • Connectivity to ASX via an ASX Broker
  • Access to ASX and ASX 24 Market Data
  • Access to Service Providers in ALC (ISV’s, Market Data Vendors etc.)
  • Connectivity to customer cabinets in ALC at a multiple bandwidth level

ASX Net Global is available through data centres located in Chicago (CME Aurora and Equinix), London (Interxion), Singapore (SGX) and Hong Kong (HKEX and Equinix).

Customers can also connect to ASX in these regions from other Data Centres via our bandwidth solutions.