Trade Smarter – with ASX Centre Point

ASX Centre Point, Australia’s largest anonymous mid-point matching system, is purpose-built to deliver a superior trading outcome. Built with an in-depth understanding of today's financial markets challenges and the very specific needs of investors, it offers more of the flexibility, control and protection you need to meet your trading goals.

Meaningful price improvement

ASX Centre Point delivers meaningful price improvement with every execution across all listed securities, with over $1.2 billion in price improvement delivered since inception.

Greater protection

All ASX Centre Point orders are matched and executed anonymously. Users can further protect against information leakage or 'pinging' by adopting one of the system's Advanced Order Types, which are designed to give users greater control over counterparty engagement.

True diversity

There are over 60 trading participants active in ASX Centre Point, trading more than 1,000 listed securities. As the system is open to all trading participants it is able to offer users the widest range of potential counterparties including long-term, wholesale and retail investors.

Trade Larger – using ASX closing auctions

Each day at 4:10 ASX runs an auction process to close ASX’s trading day. The closing auction is the single largest trading event throughout the whole day and allows institutional investors to buy and sell large positions in a single point in time.

The auction brings together buyers and sellers into a single trading event that sets the closing price for each security and the S&P/ASX200 index. This significant benchmark is one of the most reported and publicised financial benchmarks in Australia and is arguably a barometer for confidence in the economy.

Trade Better – choose ASX for better trading outcomes

ASX offers Australia’s deepest pool of liquidity – delivering true diversity, better execution and better outcomes for investors, through:

  • A greater depth of liquidity
  • The widest and most diverse range of counterparties
  • Better prices more of the time
  • Service designed with investors to deliver better outcomes for investors
  • Centralised, large scale liquidity at the close
  • Benchmark price formation

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