ASX Small to Mid Caps Asia Conference May 14 and 16, 2013

Hong Kong Small to Mid Caps - Presenter's information

Automotive Holdings Group Ltd
David Rowland
Company Secretary
David Rowland from Automotive Holdings Group Ltd
Morne Engelbrecht
Acting CEO, CFO & Company Secretary
Morne Engelbrecht from Carbon Energy Ltd
Tor McCaul
Managing Director
Tor McCaul from Comet Ridge Ltd
Paul Weightman
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Weightman from Cromwell Property Group
Dart Energy Ltd
John McGoldrick
Chief Executive Officer
John McGoldrick from Dart Energy Ltd
Joey Lim Keong Yew
Managing Director
Joey Lim Keong Yew from Donaco International Ltd
Neil Grimes
Executive General Manager
Neil Grimes from Indophil Resources NL
Frank D. Bracken III
Managing Director
Frank D. Bracken III from Lonestar Resources Ltd
Adrian Ballintine
Founder & CEO
Adrian Ballintine from NewSat Ltd
David Smith
Executive Director
David Smith from Orpheus Energy Ltd
Paul Dalgleish
Managing Director & CEO
Paul Dalgleish from RCR Tomlinson Ltd
Mark Parry
Managing Director & CEO
Mark Parry from Rex Minerals Ltd
Raleigh Finlayson
Managing Director
Raleigh Finlayson from Saracen Mineral Holdings Ltd
Julian Ford
Managing Director
Julian Ford from Sumatra Copper & Gold PLC
Giulio Casello
Managing Director and CEO
Giulio Casello from Sundance Resources Ltd
John Lombard
Managing Director & CEO
John Lombard from WHK Group Ltd

ASX participating companies as at 29 April 2013.

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