ASX Spotlight - Asia Conference October 29 and 31, 2013

Singapore Spotlight - Presenter's information

Buccaneer Energy Ltd
Dean Gallegos
Finance Director
Dean Gallegos from Buccaner Energy Ltd
Dart Energy International Ltd
John McGoldrick
Chief Executive Officer
John McGoldrick from Dart Energy International Ltd
Donaco International Ltd
Joey Lim
Managing Director
TBC from TBC
FlexiGroup Ltd
Tarek Robbiati
Chief Executive Officer
Tarek Robbiati from FlexiGroup Ltd
Freedom Foods Group Ltd
Rory MacLeod
Managing Director
Rory McLeod from Freedom Foods Group Ltd
IMF Australia Ltd
Diane Jones
Chief Operating Officer
Diane Jones from IMF Australia Ltd
Ingenia Communities Group
Simon Owen
Chief Executive Officer
Simon Owen from Ingenia Communities Group
New Guinea Energy Ltd
Grant Worner
Chief Executive Officer
Grant Worner from New Guinea Energy Ltd
Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd
Chris Sutherland
Managing Director
Chris Sutherland from Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd
Regeneus Ltd
Duncan Thomson
Head of Veterinary Health
Duncan Thomson from Regeneus Ltd
ROC Oil Ltd
Pierre Eliet
General Manager Exploration, Geoscience & Business Development
Rolf Stork from ROC Oil Ltd
Silex Systems Ltd
Michael Goldsworthy
Managing Director & CEO
Michael Goldsworthy from Silex Systems Ltd
Strata-X Energy Ltd
Tim Hoopps
Managing Director
Ron Prefontaine from Strata-X Energy Ltd
Swick Mining Ltd
Kent Swick
Managing Director
TBC from Swick Mining Ltd
Troy Resources Ltd
Paul Benson
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Benson from Troy Benson Ltd
Unity Mining Ltd
Andrew McIlwain
Managing Director & CEO
Andrew McIlwain from Unity Mining Ltd

ASX participating companies as at 25 October 2013.

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