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Special Guest Speaker
Hon Andrew Robb AO, MP
Minister for Trade and Investment
1-Page Ltd
Joanna Weidenmiller
CEO & Managing Director
Admedus Ltd
Tom Riester
General Manager - Americas
Anteo Diagnostics Ltd
Dr Geoff Cumming
Chief Executive Officer
Benitec Biopharma Ltd
Carl Stubbings
Chief Business Officer
Bionomics Ltd
Deborah Rathjen
CEO & Managing Director
Covata Ltd
Trent Telford
CEO, Executive Director & Founder
Cynata Therapeutics Ltd
Dr Ross Macdonald
CEO & Managing Director
Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd
Joel Forwood
General Manager Corporate Markets
Migme Ltd
Steven Goh
CEO & Co-Founder
Starpharma Holdings Ltd
Dr Jackie Fairley
Chief Executive Officer
Toro Energy Ltd
Dr Vanessa Guthrie
Managing Director
Universal Biosensors Inc.
Paul Wright
Chief Executive Officer
Whitehaven Coal Ltd
Paul Flynn
CEO & Managing Director

ASX participating companies as at 17 February 2015

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