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ASX shareholders

In this section you will find information about our business, financial results and announcements, corporate calendar and other disclosures.

About ASX 

ASX Limited (ASX) is a vertically integrated, multi-asset, world-class, top-10 listed exchange group.

Offering listings, trading, clearing settlement, technical and information services, and other post-trade services, ASX operates Australia's premier equity market, the largest interest rate derivatives market in Asia and energy and commodity markets.

ASX also provides data and technology services to intermediaries, banks, information vendors and software developers to help them make informed decisions, offer services to their clients and connect with one another.


Recent legislative changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act) effective 1 April 2022 mean that there are new options available to you as to how you elect to receive communications from ASX. 

These communications include annual reports and documents relating to shareholder meetings (such as notices of meeting, proxy and voting forms).  

ASX gives notice pursuant to section 110K of the Corporations Act that shareholders have the following rights in respect of how ASX sends the documents referred to above: 

  • A shareholder can make a standing election to be sent some or all documents in electronic or physical form; 
  • A shareholder can make a one-off request to be sent documents in electronic or physical form; and
  • A shareholder can elect not to receive a copy of the Annual Report. You will always be able to access and read our Annual Reports on the ASX website and the ASX market announcements platform. 

To review or update your current communication preference simply logon to our share registry’s website here (you will need your portfolio login details or your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN)) and select the “Communications” tab. 

ASX believes that the best way for shareholders to receive meeting documentation, annual reports and other information on ASX matters is electronically. Electronic communications are quick, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We encourage you to provide your email address so we can communicate with you electronically. 

ASX will issue all communications other than payment advices electronically where the shareholder has provided a valid email address and has not made an alternative communication election.

If at any time you require an additional copy of a communication (such as a one-off request to receive a document in physical or electronic form), or you need more information about the options available to you, please contact Link Market Services via email to: LMSComms@linkmarketservices.com.au

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Key dates

16 February 2023

Half-year result and dividend announcement

6 June 2023

ASX Group Investor Day

30 June 2023

Financial Year End

17 August 2023

Full-year result and dividend announcement

19 October 2023

Annual General Meeting

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