Property Indices Map

All Dwellings  144.54 Decrease (-)
All Dwellings  111.46
All Dwellings  173.31
All Dwellings  156.00 Decrease (-)
All Dwellings  118.54
All Dwellings  86.47

ASX Property Index Index Value for 29/05/2020 Gross Rental Yield for 29/05/2020
5 Capital City Aggregate 144.54 3.4000%
Adelaide All Dwellings 118.54 4.4000%
Brisbane All Dwellings 111.46 4.4900%
Melbourne All Dwellings 156.00 3.2400%
Sydney All Dwellings 173.31 2.9500%
Perth All Dwellings 86.47 4.3200%

RPData.comCoreLogic have developed a suite of Australian home value indices which provide daily capital value change measurement. The index results are released daily for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane (including Gold Coast), Adelaide, Perth and Australia (which is a composite of these cities).

The index methodology

The indices are calculated using a hedonic methodology. The hedonic approach to price index construction accounts for the components contributing to a product's price. In the case of a residential property these components include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, size, and other attributes. By separating each property comprising the index into its various formational and locational attributes, differing observed sales values for each property can be separated into those associated with varying attributes and those resulting from changes in the underlying residential property market.. Also, by understanding the value associated with each attribute of a given property, this methodology can be used to impute the value of dwellings having a certain set of characteristics (but no current sales price) by observing the sales prices and characteristics of other dwellings that do have recent sales prices. It then follows that changes in the market value of the stock of residential property comprising an index can be accurately tracked through time.

The indices have been specifically designed to track daily value changes in the Australian residential property market and are constructed using the latest possible property sales information thereby avoiding the 6 to 8 week reporting lags present in other property indices.

Click here for more information on the methodology of the CoreLogic RP Data Home Value Index.

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