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Reference and notes

[1]ASX, “2001 Annual Report”. 

[2]Both ETFs were quoted on ASX on August 27, 2001.

[3]ASX, “2002 Annual Report”. 

[4]59 per cent of Australian adult males held shares directly versus 41 per cent for females. Australian Stock [5]Exchange, “2000 Australian Share Ownership Study.” P19 Exchange Traded Products is an umbrella terms that ASX uses to describe Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Managed Funds, Single Asset Exchange Traded Products and Structured Products. 

[6]ASX, “ASX Investment Products Report”. ETP Market capitalisation. May 2021.


[8]ASX demutualised on October 13, 1998. It listed on ASX on October 14, 1998. It was known as the Australian Stock Exchange at the time.


[10]Excluding brokerage costs

[11]ASX, “2002 Annual Report”.

[12]Compared to investing in passive index funds, such as ETFs

[13]Self-Managed Superannuation Funds were had $787.1 billion of assets at 31 March 2021 – about a quarter of total superannuation assets in Australia. Source: Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). May 2021.

[14]The duty was for financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients, subject to a 'reasonable steps' qualification, and place the interests of their clients ahead of their own when providing personal advice to retail clients

[15]Australian Securities Exchange, “ASX Australian Investor Study 2020”, P15.

[16]A third of Next Generation respondents said they invested all their spare cash between March and May 2020, suggesting they took advantage of lower asset prices during the COVID-19 sell-off. ASX Australian Investor Study 2020.

[17]Australian Securities Exchange, “ASX Australian Investor Study 2020”, P15

[18]Using one of several ASX ETFs over the largest 200 ASX-listed companies

[19]BlackRock acquired Barclays Global Investors, including it iShares division, in 2009.

[20]By funds under management. Source: ASX, “ASX Investment Products Report”. May 2021. VAS had $8.5 billion in funds under management.  The Magellan Global Fund – Open Class Units (Managed Fund) had $14.05 billion in funds under management, but is classified as an Exchange Traded Managed Fund.  

[21]BetaShares had 59 ETFs on ASX at May 2021. The next highest was iShares with 38.

[22]BetaShares’ funds under management was $16.9 billion at May 2021.

[23]The Magellan Global Fund – Open Class Units (Managed Fund) had $14.05 billion in funds under management. Source: ASX, “ASX Investment Products Report”. May 2021

[24]Previously, companies could only pay a dividend if they had an accounting profit. 

[25]Australian Taxation Office, “SMSF Asset Allocations – June 2014.” 64% of SMSF portfolios were allocated to listed investments (36%) and cash (28%). 

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[30]Several A-REITs have had name changes since their original listing on ASX. 

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