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Data source: CORE Markets carbon and clean energy market data platform 


Accelerating the transition


Compliance buyers are expected to become more active over the next 12-18 months as their emissions baseline under the reformed Safeguard Mechanism declines. Stella believes this will drive a permanent shift in the way the carbon market operates. ‘In order to scale the market to the extent necessary to meet our emission reduction targets, we need as much participation in the market as possible. We need a robust, deep and liquid secondary market for this to occur so investors and financiers can have confidence in the value of the projects they are investing in.’ 

To Stella, the path forward is clear. Voluntary and compliance markets can co-exist harmoniously and work together to strive for change. Stella says: ‘The inevitable growth of compliance markets will ultimately lead to more investment in carbon projects and greater co-benefits which can help to generate positive and real outcomes for local communities. The best is yet to come.’




Marco Stella, CORE Markets - Presenter

Marco Stella is the Co-Founder and Head of Carbon and Renewables Markets at CORE Markets, an end-to-end markets, technology and climate partner for business. He is a specialist commodities broker in Environmental Markets with 20 years of experience in analysis and market commentary, and leads an award-winning transactions team. CORE Markets offers corporate net zero services, project optimisation services and corporate and institutional brokerage services, all backed by a powerful software-as-a-service platform.

Contact: hello@coremarkets.co

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Monique Bell, ASX- Author

Monique Bell is a Commodities Product Manager at ASX. She is working on the upcoming listing of a new Gas Futures contract as well as a suite of Carbon Futures products to support Australia and New Zealand’s energy transition. Monique is a CFA, holds a Masters’ Degree in Finance and recently completed certification with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


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