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Alternative liquidity venues

Regardless of the exchange, venue or asset class you are trading, achieve simple and secure access through ASX’s connectivity services

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More than just ASX access 

ASX recognises accessing multiple markets and venues can be costly and complex.  To support the financial markets community, ASX has made investments evolving its own connectivity services, opening up access to alternative trading markets and venues.

As an example, through a simple cross connect or managed bandwidth service, ASX can connect you directly to Chi-X Australia, National Stock Exchange, Financial and Energy Exchange, Yieldbroker and more.

Connectivity options


ALC Cross Connect

  • Designed with security, resiliency, latency and uptime at the core of every connectivity service delivered over ASX Net.
  • Built by a market operator to support connectivity to the Australian financial markets and beyond.
  • National and global coverage with a wide range of tailored bandwidth options to suit your needs 10MB – 10GB.
  • Fully managed configuration options from Layer 1 – Layer 3.
  • ALC cross connects give you guaranteed lowest latency access, directly to alternative liquidity venues.
  • Place your mission critical technology stacks and data assets in the same room as the venues you trade with.
  • The only purpose built data centre in Australia, with exclusive access only available to members of the financial markets ecosystem.
  • Access a growing number of alternative liquidity venues who already call the ALC home.


ALC Cross Connect

  • Simply layer new services on your existing ASX Net infrastructure already deployed at your data centre or office
  • Equipment and services fully managed with proactive remote monitoring.
  • New services logically configured and available in days
  • ASX Net can usually be physically installed at your site in a matter of weeks.
  • From your cabinet ASX engineers will deploy fibre cross connects directly into the venues access point.
  • Ensure your network connectivity to market is competitive by using ALC equal distance cross connects.
  • Delivered in day’s avoiding the need for longer lead-time carrier services.
  • Cross connects are patched top of cabinet, avoiding the need to use additional rack space and minimising power consumption.