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Daml Smart Contracting Technology

Reimagine workflows and accelerate innovation by building a Daml application on Synfini

What is Daml and how does it work?

Daml, Digital Asset’s core technology comprises smart contracting language and tooling which underpins ASX Synfini and defines the schema, semantics, and execution of transactions between distributed parties. This Blockchain protocol allows organisations to build and run multi-party applications that bring together traditionally disjointed processes, software and systems.

As an open source technology, Daml is accessible to different multiple groups, including enterprises, ledger operators, and application developers but maintains privacy at its core making it easy to control permissions for more effective collaboration. Daml eliminates duplicate processing and manual reconciliation within an organisation and with third parties via seamless access to permissioned workflows. It provides reliable data and audit trails, and creates a foundation for more and robust innovation.

Key Features of Daml

  • Easy to use: The Daml platform provides the tools needed to build, test and deploy an application enabling development teams to spend more time focused on business logic
  • Secure: Daml's privacy model extends to the sub-transaction level and distributes data only to permissioned stakeholders
  • Auditable: All Daml applications have a built-in audit trail of data modifications and access
  • Integrated: Daml features APIs that easily integrate with enterprise applications
  • Interoperable: All Daml apps are completely portable and can be deployed and securely synchronized across other Blockchains and traditional databases.

Leverage the benefits of DLT as a Service for your business

Boost Productivity

Develop applications quickly and efficiently utilising Daml smart contract language coupled with ASX infrastructure and services.

Use repeatable frameworks to simplify the process of updating or enhancing Daml applications.

Achieve greater efficiency in processing and verifying transactions and sharing agreed workflows with any approved party.

Collaborate to create a new library of standardised documentation for approved parties to share in each multi-party workflow.

Increase Reliability

Reduce operational risk by combining contingent workflows into a single transaction for simultaneous execution through Synfini.

Utilise Daml’s in-built permission control to guarantee correct authorisation on all actions in a smart contract.

Use deterministic execution of transactions via Daml smart contracts to reproduce the program across all nodes on a network, enabling quicker delivery time to market.

Take Control

Determine business conditions to govern your workflow and let Daml smart contracts automatically enforce these.

Remove the need for manual processing and reconciliation by accessing a synchronised, real-time and immutable audit trail.

Secure permissions with automated transaction management that create tamper-proof records, building a more reliable and trusted ledger for all parties.

Enable parties to transact on the DLT or have view only access to DLT reports.

Build a Daml application on Synfini

Synfini will host an industry agnostic Daml app marketplace bringing together app owners and subscribers into an ecosystem comprising many existing ASX customers.

  • App Owners can build and deploy a Daml App into our ecosystem
  • Once connected, app subscribers can easily join any Daml solution in Synfini

This large integrated ecosystem facilitated and made possible through Synfini will deliver greater synergies and provide enhanced value to individual app owners and subscribers alike by decreasing time to market, cost, barriers to entry and risk.

Get started


Use GitHub

Access the GitHub to view a library of use cases to help you get started. Select the closest match to your business requirements and utilise an existing code.