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New Original Work

Obtain a license to use ASX data for indices, fair values, financial products and other New Original Work

Licensing ASX data for New Original Work

Our New Original Work licensing framework is designed for financial organisations who intend to use ASX data to create new products and values, such as:

  • Indices
  • Fair values
  • Financial products linked to an Index
  • Benchmarks

You’ll need a New Original Work licence if you use ASX data to create, calculate or distribute a work or value, and the data has been processed or modified to such an extent that it can’t be traced back or reverse-engineered or used as a substitute for the underlying input data.

There are two distinct types of New Original Work licences


A licensed entity can act as a calculator of New Original Works, either for itself and/or on behalf of one or multiple Licence Holders. Fees are payable by market and fees for the use of Real Time Information include Delayed and End of Day, similarly Delayed include End of Day.

Licence Holder

A separate licence is required for each distinguishable New Original Work. Given the unique nature of a New Original Work, the Licence Holder fees are determined based on a number of factors including but not limited to the number of instruments created, the timeliness of dissemination, whether tradable products will be issued and the extend of distribution for each distinguishable New Original Work.

Direct agreement

To use ASX data for your New Original Work, you’ll need to sign a direct agreement with us, allowing you to own, distribute, and hold intellectual property rights for your New Original Work. You will need a separate licence for every type of New Original Work you create.

Cash and futures licences

You’ll need separate licences for our cash market and futures market if you use information from both markets to create your New Original Work.

Data source

You can use data received directly from the ASX or one of our authorised distributors to create your New Original Work.


You can engage a third party, such as an index calculating agent, to calculate, maintain or support your New Original Work – but you’ll need to let us know if you do.

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