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Advanced Charting Tool

Charting is a popular method used by professional traders to evaluate how and when to trade into and out of financial markets. Our company pages, found via the company directory, include an advanced charting tool where you can apply your 'Technical Analysis' to create your own charts, comparing company codes, price and index data.

Chart Features

8 different chart types (LINE)

Our company page charting tool includes 8 different chart types, the popular line, Area, OHLC, HLC, candlestick, Bar and Dot.

Over 13 drawing tools (Left Hand Column)

The Company Page charting tool also includes 13 drawing tools that can be used to draw support and resistance levels, make notes on charts and highlight key price moves and patterns.

Technical indicators (Indicator)

Identify trend reversals, significant price levels and trading opportunities. Choose from more than 30 indicator overlays including Bollinger Bands®, SMAs, MACD, RSI and many more.

Price History (3 Months)

Charts for our major companies cover as much as 15 years worth of price history, allowing you to analyse price performance over the long term, as well as the short.

Select the 3 Month drop down, update to Max. 

Chart intervals (3 Months)

You can quickly switch between chart intervals, which range from one minute through to one hour.
Change from 3 Months to 1 Day and the 3 Minute interval will appear for custom selection. 

Price Comparison (Comparison)

Identify correlated company codes or core indices (S&P/ASX200, All Ords) by search and selecting one or more company symbols to compare their performance over the same timeframe. 

Dividends Events (Event)

You can select Dividends to plot the dividend payments which highlights the dividend as a percentage of company earnings, and franked credits.

Download your chart layouts

Once you've customised a chart, you can choose to print or download your chart image.

Advanced charting tool

Tools to help you make investment decisions

Fundamental analysis

The aim of fundamental analysis is to determine a company's intrinsic value. This intrinsic value can be compared to the current value of the company as measured by the share price. If the shares are trading at less than the intrinsic value then the shares may be seen as good value. You can view the company fundamentals via any company page. 

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Technical analysis

Technical analysis is the study of the past price movements of an individual share or the market as a whole. By looking at the prices we can see whether there is good news associated with a company resulting in buying and rising prices. We can also see in the price trends if bad news has come out, or if it's expected. 

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