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Helpful defaulting participant process information for their clients

This page provides general information about ASX Participant[1] defaults.

It focusses on Participants of ASX, ASX Clear and ASX Settlement and the impact of the Participant’s default on their client’s shareholdings and trading.

Please note that this information is provided for guidance only and should be read in conjunction with the relevant operating rules applying to the market or clearing or settlement facility[2] in which the Participant operates (referred to as the Rules). It does not replace or vary those Rules.

In the circumstance of a Participant default, ASX also intends to publish further supplemental and specific information relating to that default event.

Frequently asked questions

Description and contact points

My share holdings and finances

Trading and inflight transactions

Additional information

[1] A Participant may be an ASX Trading Participant, ASX 24 Trading Participant, ASX Clear Participant, ASX Clear (Futures) Participant, ASX Settlement Participant and/or Austraclear Participant (as applicable).

[2] For example, the ASX Operating Rules, ASX Clear Operating Rules or ASX Settlement Operating Rules (as applicable).

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