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Tap into a wealth of education resources

As part of our commitment to providing education and information about investing, ASX has a host of free tools and resources to help you build your investment knowledge.

Via our regular newsletters, events, podcasts and webcasts new investors can learn more about how markets work and the different types of investments available, which with time will help build up their confidence and decision-making. 

More experienced investors take advantage of the research tools and reports available on our website to stay on top of different investment opportunities, new investment categories, market trends, and strategies. 


What the Dickens is financial literacy?

Understanding investment basics can lead to good decisions and help avoid bad ones.

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Stay up-to-date with market news and insights

IU Feb 2023 - Key principles for successful investing

Key principles for successful investing

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IU Sept 2023 - Direct shares, ETFs or LICs? - Blog tile

Direct shares, ETFs or LICs?

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IU Aug 2023 - A-REITs - blog tile

A-REITs versus direct property

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How to invest in volatile markets

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Macroeconomic environment and global SMID opportunities

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AI technology opening new investment opportunities

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Listen to our regular podcast series providing a fresh view of investing opportunities and strategies, plus monthly market wraps.

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IU May 2023 - Register for ASX Investor Day - Blog tile

Investor Day

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CEO Connect

CEO Connect

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ASX Small and Mid-Cap Conference

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On-demand investment insights

Watch the latest Investor Day presentations

CEOs present their business vision

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ASX and Aoris Investment Management: Meet the manager (ASX: DAOR) and (ASX: BAOR)

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ASX and J.P. Morgan Asset Management: Meet the manager (ASX: JEPI) & (ASX: JPEQ)

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ASX and Naos Asset Management: Meet the manager (ASX: NCC), (ASX: NSC) & (ASX: NAC)

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More webcasts on a range of topics with recordings to be viewed at your convenience.

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Experience the market

Are you looking to test your knowledge of options?

Register now for the ASX Options Trading Game, starting on Monday 16th October, 2023. 

Whether you are an experienced options trader, or have never traded them before this is your chance to test your skills, try different strategies and see how well your portfolio performs!

The game runs for four weeks, and allows participants the chance to use a multitude of trading strategies to trade options over 87 single stocks, 4 ETFs and 1 index.

Test your investment smarts

By participating in this low-risk learning experience, you can build up an understanding of how the share market works, get familiar with stocks and sectors, and develop knowledge about risk and reward trade-offs. It's the perfect platform to test your investment strategies with simulated real market conditions, complete with actual prices and brokerage fees.


Bring the sharemarket to life in the classroom

Teach your students essential financial literacy skills and help them discover the importance of wise investment decisions. In this online game, students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the sharemarket, research companies, make strategic trading decisions based on real-time market conditions.


Insights and education


Market analysis

Upcoming floats

Are you always on the lookout to find new investment opportunities? Find out more about upcoming floats and listings information, with a snapshot of IPO principal activities, capital to be raised, issue price, and expected listing dates.

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Analysis tools

Apply your technical analysis skills using the advanced charting tool.  Create your own charts with 8 different chart types: technical indicator overlays, update chart intervals, add dividend events, or run company code price comparisons. 

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Market announcements

All ASX Listed Companies are required to report important information that could have an impact on their share price in a timely fashion. 

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Research tools

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