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Types of LICs and LITs 

LICs and LITs are available in a broad range of asset classes and styles.


Types of LICs and LITs

A broad range of LICs and LITs are available on ASX. LICs and LITs can be classified by asset class and investment style.

This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not financial product advice.

Australian shares funds, investing principally in ASX-listed shares, represent the largest range of LICs and LITs available. The range of options includes specialist sectors such as resources, small cap shares and strategies such income-focus or buy-write.

These funds invest principally in shares listed on international stock exchanges. They can be an easy way to access international markets in one transaction whilst also benefiting from professional management. A consideration is the foreign currency exposure which may negatively impact investment values and returns. 

Specialist funds are funds that invest in specific market sectors such as mining, infrastructure, certain types of property and fixed income.  

Funds can be managed thematically - such as value, growth or contrarian investing - or to achieve a specific investment outcome, such as income maximisation.

When deciding whether or not to invest in a LIC or a LIT, investors should consider whether the fund’s structure, investment style and underlying portfolio suits their personal investment objectives.

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