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Start investing

Before you begin it is important to understand some of the basic principles of investing. This will help you on your path to creating a diversified portfolio and developing an effective strategy to achieve your investment goals.

A world of opportunities to consider

Investing on ASX puts you in good company – over a third of Australians own investments that are listed on an exchange1, ranging from shares, bonds, hybrids, ETFs, managed funds, warrants, options and futures.

Buying shares is where many investors start. You can choose from almost 2,200 companies listed on ASX ranging from large well-established companies to early stage companies across a range of sectors.

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ASX Investment Products

ASX’s product range extends far beyond shares. Every product enables you to express an investment view in line with your objectives while helping you to create a diversified portfolio.

Market makeup

ASX is the eighth largest sharemarket in the world—based on free-float market capitalisation—and the second largest in the Asia-Pacific region.

Shares are traded electronically on the high-speed and high-capacity ASX Trade platform and are settled via the world-leading Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS).

The companies listed on ASX are divided into 13 sectors such as resources, banking and insurance, telecommunications, information technology, media, and transport companies.

ASX also provides investors with access to a large number of professionally managed investment products such as Exchange Traded Funds and Managed Funds. These products give investors a simple way to build a diversified investment portfolio across a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies.

In order to view the performance of the broader market or specific sectors, investors can follow indices such as the S&P/ASX 200 Index. Investors can also invest in investment products, such as Exchange Traded Funds, that track market indices if they wish to gain broad exposure to particular markets or sectors. 

Goals and risks

All investments have risks you need to understand before trading, therefore you should seek professional advice before making a decision.

Before investing, take some time to think about your investment goals and your risk appetite. You will also need to consider which questions to ask yourself and your broker so that you have enough information to get off to a good start.

Your age and investment timeframe may affect your decisions. A full service broker can provide you with professional financial advice and help assess your current financial situation and set your financial goals.

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Buying and selling

Your broker invests on your behalf on ASX’s leading marketplace. Learn more about the process of buying and selling shares and other products via a broker.

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