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Full service brokers provide investment advice and wealth management solution to their customers. In addition to online trading functionality, they offer advice on buying and selling securities, provide research and organise tailored investment plans for their customers’ consideration. They can assess your current financial situation and help with setting both short and long-term goals. It’s important to note that due to the extra services they provide, they typically charge higher brokerage fees than online brokers. 

Full service brokers are available to individuals, wholesale clients, families and institutions. In addition to wealth management, they are often able to assist with:

  • Superannuation
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance
  • Aged care
  • Investment administration


Below is a list of full service brokers in Australia that are participants of ASX. You can click through the website links below to find out more about each broker and their services.

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Did you know 51% of Australians are open to receiving financial advice in the future? 

The ASX Australian Investor Study 2023 shows Australian investors are active, engaged and open to professional advice.

More than one in four Australians who have never invested and are looking to invest in the next 12 months would consider using a full service broker. In addition to this, 12% of investors who bought or sold shares or listed investments over the past 12 months placed their order using a full service broker.

Full service brokers also rank as the preferred source of professional investment advice (34%) over the past 12 months for high value investors, outranking both financial planners (33%) and accountants (26%).