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Listing and quoting debt securities 

Listing and quoting debt securities on ASX provides access to a diverse capital pool and world-class market 

Access and diversity

Companies seeking to raise debt finance take advantage of quoting debt securities on ASX for many of the same reasons that they quote shares.  These include:

  • access to capital for growth;
  • diversifying funding sources from traditional bank lending;
  • the strong public and investor profile of the ASX market; and
  • access to a range of retail investors


Find out more in the Simple Guide to Listing and Issuing Debt Securities:

Quoted and Non-quoted debt securities 

Debt securities that are listed can be either:

Quoted and traded on ASX

Making them accessible to a broad range of retail and professional investors.

Non-quoted and traded off-market

Over-the-counter (OTC), non-quoted securities offer issuers the advantages of not requiring a prospectus, and reduced costs and complexity which can be appropriate where your target market is wholesale or institutional investors.

The decision as to whether your debt securities are quoted or non-quoted impacts where they trade and how they are cleared and settled. The diagram below illustrates the different aspects of quoted and non-quoted debt securities and the alternatives for either ASX Clearing and Settlement Facility.

 For more information, download the Guide to Listing Debt Securities. The purpose of the Guide is to provide a brief overview of listing and quoting debt securities on ASX, and the requirements that need to be met for quotation of such securities on ASX Trade. The term ‘debt securities’ in this guide refers to ‘vanilla’ debt securities (e.g. Medium Term Notes carrying a fixed or floating rate of interest, and no conversion rights to equity).