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Investment products

Offering local and global professional fund managers the opportunity to access an extensive network of investors, market participants and vendors.

A world of opportunities to consider

With more than 100 fund managers and over 500 investment products available on ASX, we have a long history of helping issuers bring new products to market. 

Fund managers can issue a range of investment products on ASX including, but not limited to, exchange-traded products (ETPs), listed investment companies (LICs) and trusts (LITs), and unlisted managed funds (mFunds).

Issuing investment products on ASX enables issuers to bring products to the wider market under a robust regulatory and rule framework supported by the ASX Listing Rules and AQUA Rules. 

Benefits and considerations

Significant benefits and accompanying considerations to fund managers and other product issuers.

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Product options

Understand the key features of each product option on ASX.

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How to issue

Guidance on the admission rules and requirements, process and fees for each investment product. 

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Product Specialist, Investment Products

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