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Benefits and considerations

Understand ASX admission requirements and potential benefits of working with us.


The ASX brand is recognised by many investors. This can help to differentiate investment products available through ASX from those made available through other distribution channels.


It is important to understand that admission on ASX involves considerable time and effort, and requires issuers to comply with relevant ASX rules.

ASX Rules

The Listing Rules are disclosure-based rules which govern the admission of entities admitted to the Official List of ASX including REITs, Infrastructure Funds and Listed Investment Companies and Listed Investment Trusts.

The AQUA Rules (formally, Schedule 10A of the ASX Operating Rules) are designed specifically for ‘open-ended’ investment schemes including ETFs, Managed Funds and Structured Products, to offer greater flexibility for issuers.

Structure and tax considerations

The chosen structure may have different impacts to the dividends or distributions received by the investor and the investor’s associated tax obligations.


Generally, Listed Investment Entities (LICs & LITs) must report their net tangible asset backing (NTA) to ASX monthly and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) must report their net asset value (NAV) daily. mFunds must report NAV at least quarterly.

Disclosure and reporting requirements

ASX has certain requirements of issuers to disclose the full portfolio holdings of their funds and where applicable, an estimated indicative net asset value (iNAV) for their funds.


Issuers have an obligation to provide adequate liquidity for certain investment products which may be achieved through a market maker. 

Fees and costs

There are additional time and cost considerations in connection with an ASX listing, including in relation to admission, engaging third party service providers, launching an IPO and any additional capital raises.

Case studies

Platinum offer similar strategies across various product vehicles on ASX, enabling the manager to access a wide variety of investors across Australia. 

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