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mFund offers investors a paperless investment experience, automated settlement and a holistic view of all their ASX investments on their broker-sponsored HIN.


mFund enables you and your clients to invest in unlisted managed funds via a participating mFund broker. By issuing your unlisted managed fund as an mFund, you can take advantage of ASX’s mFund Settlement Service, automating the application process and allowing investors to track their holdings using the same Holder Identification Number (HIN) they use for shares.

Rules and requirements

Forms and checklists

Admission process

Timing depends on the PISP/registry completing operational requirements. An indicative timeline is set out below. 


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Admission fees

Find out more about the initial application fees and ongoing fees that apply to the proposed investment product.

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mFund updates

Stay updated on the latest market developments and guidance on key compliance and operational issues.


Contact ASX

Andrew Weaver

Senior Manager, Investment Product Specialists

Ph +61 2 9227 0575


Martin Dinh

Manager, Investment Product Specialists

Ph +61 2 9227 0318


Roger Daniel

Senior Investment Product Specialist

Ph +61 2 9227 0279


Alborz Roohinejad

Investment Product Specialist

Ph +61 2 9227 0842