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Issuer Services

ASX Issuer Services provides a range of services to support your organisation  while it is listed or quoted on any approved Australian equities market utilising  CHESS services.

What is Issuer Services?

Issuers that choose to list or quote securities with an exchange that utilises ASX Issuer Services will benefit from a technology platform and operational team that provides one of the most secure and efficient global title registration tracking systems.

ASX Issuer Services utilises the CHESS technology to track legal title, entitlements, and holder details for over 3 million holders with over 20 million unique security holdings. ASX Issuer Services records over 400 million changes of title each year and provides up to date register data to  your share registry daily.

ASX Issuer Services also processes and publishes around 150,000 announcements annually and handles around 5,000 corporate action events  each year. Dividend entitlements, rights issues entitlements and other corporate action entitlements are also tracked and linked to the legal holder of securities registered in CHESS.

Contact ASX

Andrew Jones

General Manager, Issuer Services


Karen Webb

Senior Manager, Issuer Services


Ouafaa Daki

Senior Manager, Issuer Services