Listing with ASX

provides your company with access to capital in the world’s fastest growing region.


Largest pool of investable funds in Asia


Robust regulatory environment


Long history of funding and listing early stage companies


Over 2,200 listed companies across multiple sectors and geographies

Access capital to drive growth opportunities for your company

  • #1

    in Asia with a pool of investable funds set to grow to $10 trillion by the mid 2030's

  • Top 10

    exchanges globally for raising capital

  • $1.5

    trillion trading turnover in 2017, enhanced liquidity

  • 45%

    international investors, providing a gateway to global capital

143 new listings
with ASX in 2017

Join this group of companies on the global stage

ASX listing ceremony

Announce your listing with ASX, ring the bell and be part of a globally recognised market

Case studies of listed companies


Vista Group's listing allowed existing shareholders to realise their investment and provided capital for future acquisitions and development.

Market Cap at Listing

$171.3 Million

Capital raised

$83.9 Million


An ASX listing provided WiseTech Global with funding to pursue future growth opportunities, the ability to repay existing debt and increased brand profile.

Market Cap at Listing

$973.6  Million

Capital raised

$170.4 Million


Silicon Valley-based Pivotal Systems was able to raise funds to support its growth strategy, strengthen its balance sheet and benefit from an increased profile as an ASX listed entity.

Market Cap at Listing

$206.5 Million

Capital raised

$53.5 Million

Conducting an IPO allowed Catapult Group the required funding to compile its works program, improve access to capital markets and provide a market for its shares.

Market Cap at Listing

$66.1 Million

Capital raised

$12 Million

How to list

Is listing for you?

Find out whether listing with ASX is appropriate for your company and its long-term strategic goals. It is important for you to consider the benefits and potential obligations of being a public listed company.

 Learn more about the advantages and considerations when listing
Is listing for you

Listing requirements

To list with ASX, a company must satisfy the minimum admission criteria, including structure, size and number of shareholders.

 Learn more about the listing requirements
listing requirements

Listing process

ASX provides guidance on the listing process and encourages you to seek clarification on listing requirements early in the process.

 Learn more about the listing process
Listing Process

Listing fees

ASX charges an initial fee upon listing and an annual fee while the company remains listed.

 Learn more about initial and annual fees
listing fees

ASX services for listed companies

Once you have listed your company with ASX, you can enjoy the advantages available to over 2,000 other ASX-listed companies. ASX provides services to listed companies that help facilitate market liquidity and access to capital.

 Learn more about services for ASX listed companies
ASX Services

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