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Listing fees

ASX charges an initial fee when your company lists and an annual fee whilst your company remains listed. 

Initial and annual fees

At the time of listing you will be required to pay an initial listing fee and a pro-rata annual fee for the remainder of the financial year. In subsequent years, the annual fee will apply.

Fees are calculated on the value of the securities that are quoted. Fees also apply if your company raises additional capital following your IPO. Your advisory team will also charge fees.

Market capitalisation*Initial feeAnnual fee

* Fees are calculated on the value of the securities that are quoted.

Fees stated above do not include GST which is payable on all listing fees. The listing calculator allows specific fee calculations.

A new initial fee schedule will apply from 1 January 2024. To view the new schedule please click here. The listing fee calculator together with the ASX Listing Fee Guidance Note referenced on this page will be updated on this date.

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