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ASX Clear (Futures)

ASX Clear (Futures) is the Clearing House for all futures and options products traded on ASX Trade24 and all eligible OTC products submitted via an approved Affirmation Platform.

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ASX Clear (Futures) provides central counterparty (CCP) clearing of exchange-traded derivatives and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives. 

Through the novation process, the CCP assumes the credit risk of all trades centrally cleared and facilitates an efficient and orderly clearing and settlement function for the market. 

ASX Clear (Futures)


Trades executed on ASX Trade 24, or OTC trades affirmed on an ASX approved Affirmation Platform, are submitted to ASX Clear (Futures) for registration.

Once accepted and novated by ASX Clear (Futures), the Full Participant will receive notification of a Market Contract between the Full Participant and ASX Clear (Futures). The Full Participant will advise the allocation instructions and the Open Contract will be registered in the Clearing Participant’s name.

Where the Full Participant and Clearing Participant are separate entities, the trade will be given up and only registered to the Clearing Participant on their acceptance.

At the end of each clearing day, ASX Clear (Futures) will margin the Clearing Participant a daily variation margin based on the movement in the value of the positions, and an initial margin calculated on the open positions held across the House and Client account for settlement the following business day. The Clearing Participant will arrange settlement via ASX Austraclear and/or ASX Collateral.


ASX offers a range of participant membership categories that span our trading, clearing and settlement facilities. 

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Products Cleared

ASX provides the ability for Banks, Funds and end-users across the globe to clear A$ and NZ$ OTC Interest Rate Derivatives 24 hours per day between Monday morning and Saturday (7:00am AEST).

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Client Protection

ASX has established an account structure and set of governing rules that enables Participants to offer their Futures and OTC Derivative customers the choice of clearing through an Individual Client Account or the traditional Client Omnibus account. 

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Risk Management

ASX views effective risk management as key to achieving and maintaining its operational and strategic objectives. ASX CCPs operate within a comprehensive risk management framework incorporating layers of risk controls, which enable CCPs to manage their clearing risks with respect to Margining, Exposure Limits, Stress Testing and Default Management. 

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Benefits of ASX Clear (Futures) Services

ASX Clear (Futures) services are provided to clearing participants who are typically brokers or clearing and custody service providers. The two key benefits to clearing participants are netting efficiencies and counterparty credit protection.


Netting Efficiencies

ASX Clear (Futures) is approved as a ‘netting market’ for the purposes of the Payment Systems and Netting Act. This enables the netting of settlement obligations in each individual equity providing greater market efficiency at the time of settlement and reducing participant transaction and funding costs.

Diagram 1 below depicts Participant A’s trading activity in a single product

At a gross level, Participant A has sold 100 contracts to, and bought 50 contracts from, Participant B. Participant A has also sold 30 contracts to, and bought 50 contracts from, Participant C.                                                             

bem-2825-clear-futures_Diagram 1-1 - 1

Diagram 2 below represents the netting efficiencies post novation

With ASX Clear (Futures) as the central clearinghouse, Participant A’s trades with Participants B and C are replaced with trades between Participant A and ASX Clear (Futures). Post netting this becomes a net sale of 30 contracts from Participant A to ASX Clear (Futures).

bem-2825-clear-futures_Diagram_2 - 2

Counterparty Credit Protection 

Through novation, ASX Clear (Futures) provides protection to non-defaulting clearing participants (and, indirectly, their clients) from a defaulting clearing participant which does not meet its obligations. Different arrangements apply for different categories of financial product transactions.

Clients, typically investors, must be fully informed and satisfied with the creditworthiness and performance risk of their clearing participant. ASX Clear (Futures) does not interpose itself between a clearing participant and its clients. Novation does not change the exposure that clients have if their own clearing participant defaults and cannot meet its obligations to them.

ASX Rates Ecosystem

Watch and learn how these services culminate in a highly regulated, diverse network that provides efficient access to deep liquidity required to manage risk.  ASX continues to optimise and extend this network of services to meet evolving customer needs in a changing marketplace and economic environment.


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